One&Only Royal Mirage, Dubai

Step into a place where luscious landscaped gardens give way to gleaming white sands and elegant guestrooms overlook sparkling waters. One&Only Royal Mirage is an exclusive getaway where, set against a backdrop of the world’s most glittering skyline, Dubai is your oyster. One&Only has everything you could need and more for an unforgettable trip to this most famous of Emirates. Eight restaurants. Four pools. 452 guestrooms. One kilometer of private beach. Plus, with a whole host of unique experiences, there’ll never be a dull minute. Did someone say camel caravan?


What was once known as the City of Merchants has now undoubtedly cemented its reputation as the City of Gold. Overlooking the amazing landscape of The Palm Island Bay and just minutes away from the marina, discover skyscrapers that reach the clouds, dazzling shopping malls and hip beach clubs. Or, for something a touch more traditional, head out into the desert for a sand-skiing adventure over the red dunes of Margham. All this – and it’s only 30 minutes’ drive from the airport.

Your Room

With 452 rooms, 12 categories and three ‘environments’ to choose from, you are guaranteed to find your perfect room at One&Only Royal Mirage. For contemporary elegance with an Arabian twist, the chic rooms of The Palace with their views over the beautiful gardens make for a peaceful haven. Whilst if you’re looking to embrace the mystique of the Orient, the mosaic tiling and intricate furnishings of Arabian Court will leave you enchanted. But if privacy is the name of the game, the Residences are unbeatable. We love the two bedroom Beach Garden Villa. Accessed by a private drive and sitting on a private stretch of the beach, you need not see anyone else if you don’t want to.

Why We Like It

We’re big foodies here and anywhere where you can savor the fragrant spices of a tagine one night before indulging in the freshest lobster the next, has our seal of approval. But it’s not just about what you can do at One&Only. It’s what you can do beyond it too. Unique experiences are what make a vacation memorable and at One&Only, they’ve got that down to a tee. Dubai is undoubtedly an exciting city, but to really get to know it, step away from the glimmering lights and into an old world once forgotten. Pass through spectacular desert scenery and witness ancient tradition on a camel caravan into the great garden city of Al Ain.