Milestones & Celebrations


You’ve got the occasion. Now for the location.

We love parties. We are – it’s fair to say – celebratory people. But there are times when a party – a meal, a BBQ – won’t cut the mustard. At least, not on its own. A celebration needs a properly celebratory destination – an exquisite place in which you can forge new bonds and memories together. It needs to be different – to stand out from the crowd. We jotted and scribbled. We mulled and pondered.

And this is the result. Twenty-one destinations, seven themes. Each of them chosen because, were we to plan our milestone moments – be they birthdays or book deals – they are precisely where we’d settle on. A little wild, a little indulgent. Fulsome and exhilarating, with a few ‘wildcards’ thrown in for good measure.

They’ve been specifically selected – by our Travel Experts – as the perfect ‘venues’ in which to mark life’s biggest moments.

And the best thing? When it comes to the planning, we’ll be your master of ceremonies. It’s your celebration, but you can leave the details to us.

The trips you’ve always dreamed of

For ease, we’ve grouped the destinations around seven unique themes. But you can mix and match them however you like.

Where to go on holiday in June: Norway's Lofoten Islands


Celebrate your milestones and achievements in wild and euphoric style – from the fjords of Lofoten to the Okavango Delta.

Adventure Milestone Trips


Breaking bread – and raising a glass – has been the bread and butter of celebration since the dawn of time. Fittingly, these trips put their emphasis on all things gastronomic.

Gastronomy Milestone Trips


With your head in a book and your feet on the road, these trips are perfectly suited to those who want to make merry and take stock while soaking up a bit of humanity itself.

Culture Milestone Trips


If you want to mark your milestone – or make merry – without exerting yourself too aggressively, then these trips are a charm. No sweat, no stress.

Relaxing Milestone Trips
Galapagos Islands


With all the wonder and beauty of the natural world at your feet, these trips are the perfect way to celebrate your life, your milestones, your achievements.

Wildlife Milestone Trips


Themes are flexible. So are celebrations. For a trip with a great deal of difference, there’s our ‘wildcard’ selection. They’re some of our favorites.

Wildcard Milestone Trips



If you want to celebrate in a space that’s entirely your own – and with the people you love – then these properties are just the thing.

Dine in style at Octola


It’s not often that you’ll find high-end, five-star luxury in the wilds of the subarctic – but that’s exactly what you’ll find at Octola. As they themselves put it, this is a ‘private wilderness’. When you arrange a buyout, that’s exactly what you get – a world of your own.

Octola, Finnish Lapland
The Brando, French Polynesia

The Brando

A private place on a private island – located in the unimaginable beauty of French Polynesia. Each of The Brando’s private villas can be booked out, as can the entire property. It all depends on the size of your group. For long meals, music and starlight, for days at leisure and exotic expeditions. Snorkelling, cycling, paddleboarding, diving – all these things are at your disposal.

The Brando
luxury private camp in Patagonia, Argentina

Your own private camp

This camp doesn’t have a name – and that’s because it doesn’t exist. Yet. Part of our ‘Blink’ service (you may already be familiar with it) this is all about helping you to design your perfect abode in one of the most sublime corners of the known world.


A dream come true

“Our Morocco trip was a dream come true – an amazing adventure of sights, sounds, and delicious food in an exotic location. Tailored to exactly our interests, our family was able to experience this delightful country through wonderful guides who shared their knowledge and expertise. We appreciated having a local contact if there were questions or changes we wanted to make and always felt well taken care of.”

Cecilia, Black Tomato


Find out more about the Black Tomato family and browse our most popular trips below.

Machu Pichu, Peru


Trusting someone to take care of your travel plans isn’t a light decision. This is why you can feel rest assured with us.

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