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Archipelagos: from the unknown intrigue of Raja Ampat to the ancient seaways of Greece’s Ionian Islands. These sprawling clusters demand shifting perspectives that only traveling by sea can provide.

Sailing by private yacht has long been one of our favorite ways to experience these destinations. From the Caribbean through the Mediterranean and down to Indonesia, we’ve built up relationships with some of the world’s most luxurious yachts, such as Dunia Baru in Komodo National Park and Alexa J in the Mediterranean.

When we charter your private yacht, we’ll make it your own; ensuring that you have the best possible crew at your disposal. That includes spa therapists, dive masters and astronomers. What’s more, we’ll chart a route that will safeguard your seclusion – that sense of the endless and intimate horizon. We’ll steer you away from the crowds as well as guaranteeing access to the unknown. Most importantly, however, we’ll ensure that from embarking to disembarking, your days at sea fit seamlessly into the rest of your trip.

Our Favorite Private Yachts

It’s a known fact that the world is covered more by water than it is by land. That’s why we’ve made a point of traveling just as much by sea as we have by road. Years later, we’ve built up a refined contact list of the best private yachts and cross-referenced them by destination, size and experience. What that means is we offer variety, there’s no one yacht fits all policy here. For instance, there’s the intimate exclusivity of The Alexa with its solitary cabin perfect for honeymooners. Adding two little ones into the mix and you may well choose to navigate Maldivian waters from Soneva in Aqua. They’ll adore the glass-bottomed bath which means a nemo sighting is never foregone.

For those all-important milestones and family reunions, there’s Rascal. A beautiful Indonesian phinisi which navigates the wildlife rich Komodo National Park and Raja Ampat. Sailing under an ethos of conservation, we can also arrange for you to get involved in vital research work. There’s also Satori, a masterclass in the old-world elegance of sailing which we’ll moor up on the right side of Capri – the quiet, lesser-known side.

These are but a few examples. As with all our trips, every element of our private yacht charters is customized to you. Wherever you’re looking to explore and however you’re looking to do it, we’ll have a boat for that

Our Favorite Yacht Buyouts

Whilst some yachts are only ever private, there’s a handful out there that, whilst they usually operate on a per-cabin basis, are the perfect size to takeover and have all to yourself. This option works particularly well for larger groups of 10 or so travelers and usually brings added benefits of a more hotel style service and a wider range of destinations.

Enter, Delfin and its four incredibly spacious cabins on the waters of the Peruvian Amazon, or Assouan and its eight cabins that regally make their way down the storied banks of the Nile. Elsewhere, we’ve organized multi-generational family escapes through the wildlife rich waters of Galapagos onboard the sleek Elite and milestone celebrations on the elegant French waterways onboard the Napoleon.

Offering all the privacy of a private charter, plus a few other luxurious touches (we see you eyeing up the spa), we couldn’t think of a better way to get everyone together.

Beyond the Sea

Our access doesn’t stop at yachts and jets, however. If you’d rather keep your feet on the ground, we can also arrange a host of luxury vehicles ranging from high-spec RVs to vintage convertibles – and recommend the best routes to drive them on. We’ll even set you up with one of our custom Spotify playlists while we’re at it.

If rail travel is more your thing, we can help there too. Going beyond just organising tickets from A to B, we can elevate the experience and book out the whole train for you. Add in a top chef and live entertainment and this goes from a transfer – to an experience. Take for instance the group of birthday revellers who enjoyed the run of Peru’s luxurious Hiram Bingham en route to Machu Picchu. We hear they still talk about it.


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