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Five things you must do in Iceland (for the traveler who has ‘already seen it all’)

Iceland is a country that has an alluring mystery about it – in the way that you won’t just want to sit back and watch, you’ll want to gear up and get on the back of your own ATV to experience it for yourself. We’re willing to bet that even if you have been to the island once, you haven’t experienced it quite like this. Here are our expert-led picks for the hottest and coolest (fire and ice, if you will) experiences from Iceland this year:

GeoSea baths

Catch the midnight sun in a new wave of GeoSea sea baths

If the images alone don’t persuade you to add this to your next Iceland travel list, keep on scrolling. The GeoSea salt baths opened just this past year and are a great second option to the famously known Blue Lagoon. Unlike the local power plant wastewater of the Blue Lagoon, the GeoSea sea baths originate from the depths of the earth and rejuvenate your body and soul. Bonus: it overlooks the sea, making it a perfect whale watching spot.

Iceland coast

Tick off every form of transport in Iceland

You may have had your fair share of land to sea adventures on ATVs, super jeeps, and crampons. However, you haven’t experienced a volcano tour and glacier lagoon quite this way – by helicopter.

Fly east along the dramatic South Coast of Iceland, following the perpetual stretches of black lava sand beaches past the famous Eyjafjallajökull glacier volcano (that erupted in 2010 effectively putting Iceland on the map), the ‘Arch with the Hole’, Dyrhólaey and the ethereal basalt sea stacks of Reynisdrangar. Land on Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and switch over to a RIB boat to really experience just how beautiful Iceland’s deepest lagoon really is. Weave in and out of the braided rivers, glacial valleys, and primeval volcanic scenery.

Tasting a lunch prepared like no other – in the geothermal heat

We’re a foodie bunch here at Black Tomato, so it’s no wonder that a new local restaurant has popped up on our radar this past year. Our pick?  Vogafjós. It’s a charming spot located inside of a cowshed sticking to homemade, traditional fare such as smoked trout, mozzarella, and their own Geysir rye bread. You read that right – the bread is baked in the ground in the geothermal heat – and it’s not the only thing grown from the land. Make sure to try the Geysir bread ice cream and homemade cakes as well.

Yoga in nature on Flatey Island

At the brink of the Arctic circle, Flatey Island is located on the north-western part of Skjálfandi Bay, 14,7 nautical miles from Húsavík. The name means “flat island” and the highest peak rises only about 22 m above sea level. Alas, the perfect place for yoga. Can you imagine a yoga session just at the brink of the Arctic Circle?

Afterward, make sure to carve out time for bird watching. Flatey Island has over 30 different species of birds during the breeding season, making it a paradise for bird lovers.

Road into the Diamond Circle

Not your average Superjeep tour, this is Superjeep 2.0 tour

Askja Caldera region has long lured travelers into the heart of the highlands with its lunar landscape and open deserts of Ódáðahraun, freshwater springs of Svartá, Herðubreiðarlindir and the Holuhraun lava field home to Iceland’s largest lava flow in 230 years. As a result of this great volume of magma, the lava field is still steaming hot!

Make sure you bring your camera because you’ll have the opportunity to head down the quieter route, perfect for getting away from all the tourists.

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