Where to go in 2024

The best destinations to visit in 2024

We’re a restless bunch at Black Tomato; forever devising new ways to see and experience the world. Having unearthed the secrets of almost every single country on earth, this curiosity helps us to spin the globe in new and exciting ways – be it about supporting local economies, protecting the natural world, or building bridges of cultural discovery. Getting close. Getting real.

The fruit of all that curiosity? Our ‘where to go’ selections for 2024. A heady combination of emergent destinations and familiar favorites (albeit seen through a new lens). It’s our hope that the luxury travel experiences that these destinations give life to will spark your own travels over the years ahead.

Below, Black Tomato’s picks for where to travel in 2024.

Bright blue waters of Apurimac River in Peru snake through snow-capped peaks - one of our top destinations for 2024
Red rocks and snow-capped mountains of Urubamba Valley, Peru

The Apurímac River, Peru

Why you should visit Peru

While it might ‘feel’ familiar, Peru is an oyster you can crack open hundreds of strange and different ways. You’ll hear a lot about Machu Picchu, but a lot less about the valleys, rivers, and ‘forgotten’ ruins that dot the wider landscape of the Urubamba valley, the one-time heartland of the Inca empire. In 2024, we’ll be charting a thrilling multi-day route along the Apurímac River, which wends its slow, ancient way through the valley. Rather than looking to the peaks, you’ll look to the water and the shore.

Peru: what to do and where to go

There has never been a better time to go to Peru, a dynamic destination where tourism dollars have a markedly positive impact on local culture and communities. As the country was closed longer than many destinations, while simultaneously experiencing sustained unrest, 2024 is a notable year in its recovery and renewal story, with fewer crowds and wide-open terrains rife for discovery. The US and UK summer months are optimal times to visit, making Peru ideal for travelers planning for summer holidays, especially families. 

In 2024, we’re charting under-the-radar, off-grid parts of Peru that offer spectacular opportunities for active adventure and exploration of unknown ancient architectural marvels, constructed thousands of years ago – many of which compete with and in some cases rival that of Macchu Pichu, in stature, history and cultural significance. With multiple new itineraries set to be launched, travelers will have the opportunity to camp in hard-to-reach locations with special access to rest and dine next to archaeological wonders such as the Huchuy Qosqo archaeological site, Chan Chan, the world’s largest mud city and home to the pre-Inca sun and moon temples, and Chavin de Huantar (constructed as early as 1200 BC) in the Huaraz area. For the intrepid, we’re also launching a multi-day rafting expedition on the Apurimac River through the heart of Peru’s Sacred Valley, stopping at deluxe campsites (chefs, astronomers, masseurs at the ready) and for secluded meals set up on remote riverbanks which we’ve gained access to via special permits. 

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Seaside buildings and boats in Tangier, Morocco - one of our favourite places to travel in 2024
Typical Moroccan doorway in Tangier, Morocco

Tangier, Morocco

Why you should visit Morocco

Since the 10th century BC, coastal Tangier has been a vital trading hub into the African continent. By the 20th century, it was known as a city for arts, intrigue, and diplomacy, attracting the likes of Allen Ginsberg, The Rolling Stones, and Tennessee Williams to its souks, cafes, and streets. Where Marrakech is historic and exotic, Tangier is a cerebral, creative, and inventive city brimming with museums, art galleries, and music (including the memorable Tan Jazz). We’d do both.

Morocco: what to do and where to go

When you consider travel to Morocco in 2024, Tangier is primed to have its moment in the sun, elegantly complementing its more well-trodden neighbor to the south with an approachable, emotive feel. We say – go firstly to Marrakech to fill the belly and then Tangier to get your fix of culture, music, and the arts. 

The city is cleaner and greener than ever after its main port has been moved further along the coastline. Tangier is warm, inviting, sensorial and seductive, with an under-the-radar appeal that makes it primed for the spotlight – a true melting pot of cultural influences. We’ve scouted and crafted immersive experiences through boots on the ground research for a new journey that takes in the best of Casablanca, Fes, Chefchaouen, Tangier and La Fiermontina.

For noteworthy new openings in Tangier, Villa Mabrouka – the former private residence of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge – has been fully revamped; bursting to life as a serene luxury hotel with 12 tranquil sumptuous bedrooms, with interiors designed by Jasper Conran and gardens designed by Madison Cox. For a smaller and more residential feel, 5-bedroom Villa Augustine created by Willem Smit is another new opening in Tangier, and one steeped in design. To the south, we can arrange a visit to Asilah and end with a grand finale at the stunning, brand new La Fiermontina Larache.

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Grasses, forests and mountains of the Mitre Peninsula in Argentina - where to travel in 2024
Tall peaks covered in snow on the Mitre Peninsula, Patagonia, Argentina

The Mitre Peninsula, Argentina

Why you should visit Argentina

There’s remote, and then there’s remote. The Mitre Peninsula is a wildly diverse, protected ecosystem in the southernmost region of Argentine Patagonia. Snow-capped peaks, dense evergreen forests, glaciers, and fjords. Simply put, it’s stunning. For adventurous spirits, this is somewhere to get excellently lost in; all with the help – and local infrastructure – that we can arrange at Black Tomato. Not a bad way to kick off the new year. 

Argentina: what to do and where to go

At Black Tomato, we’re seeing an increased desire for clients to explore some of the remotest corners of the world. These are boundary-pushing treks beyond ‘bragging rights’ – realizing an appetite to pioneer challenging landscapes that few know they even exist.

Nowhere is more primed to address this than the Mitre Peninsua, a protected ecosystem in the southernmost region of Argentine Patagonia. This remote land of snow-capped peaks, dense evergreen forests, glaciers, and glistening fjords is an area Black Tomato will pioneer for the most adventurous spirits in 2024. In his journal from an expedition in this area in 1832, Charles Darwin described how ‘a single glance at the landscape was sufficient to show me how widely different it was from anything I had ever beheld’.

As the Mitre Peninsula is the most extreme and intrepid destination in Argentina, it’s only accessible through complex logistics, specialist guides, equipment, and permits , where the area is so incredibly remote you simply cannot go it alone. For the adventure of a lifetime, we’ve carefully developed a world-first expedition trek through the Mitre Peninsula in 2024 – an epic adventure in a virgin and wildly remote area, where challenges will be faced daily, and endurance tested. Just as the Atlantic and Pacific meet in these far-flung latitudes, so will our travelers; hiking, sailing, and even riding by horseback to the Terminus of the Andes, staying in nomadic campsites and shelters along the way, led by a local expedition guide who has written extensively on the region.

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Beautiful lake surrounded by mountains in New Zealand
The stunning coastline and sandy beaches of New Zealand - another top travel destination for 2024

The waterways of New Zealand

Why you should visit New Zealand

Two interlocked islands strung out in the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is an ecological and geographical dream come true; laying claim to some of the most outrageous landscapes on earth. If it was good enough for Peter Jackson and The Lord of the Rings, then it’s good enough for us. But this year, we’re casting our eyes away from the interior and toward the coastlines and seascapes that sit at its edges. There’s a lot more than meets the eye (and there’s a lot that meets the eye, out here).

New Zealand: what to do and where to go

When considering New Zealand, most people think of solely land-based activities. But we’re turning this notion on its head. The country is in fact composed of two main islands, with a rich sailing heritage, and is full of compelling (and undiscovered) water-based experiences that elevate, and complement, those on terra firma. 

The seas of the South Pacific Ocean that envelop this special country are host to an array of epic adventures, and in 2024, we’re headed to New Zealand’s waterways for experiences that are inaccessible without a seafaring vessel, combing through mesmerizing Barrier Reefs and untouched islands, all brimming with biodiversity. 

To fully immerse travelers in the magic of New Zealand’s waterways, we’ve created a new adventure at sea aboard the Rua Moana, an elegant yacht with strong sustainability credentials;maximizing comfort and fuel efficiency while simultaneously minimizing wake disturbances to the delicate coastal ecosystems below. This luxurious private journey will venture to the myriad islands of the Hauraki Gulf to Great Barrier Island, a Dark Sky sanctuary with some of the best stargazing in the world. The culmination of the journey will take travelers to the unknown Poor Knights Islands (part of our new ‘See You in the Moment’ series), sailing out to one of the best, but firmly under-the-radar, dive sites in the world, with whales and dolphins for company with a private instructor to guide the way. Travelers will uncover this unchartered corner of New Zealand’s waterways where subtropical and temperate marine life coexist with extraordinary diversity.

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