Yellowstone: “it runs in the blood”


June - October


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How long

6 nights ideal length

There’s no such thing as “just” another day on the ranch

On this Wild West adventure, we’ll take you behind the scenes (and settings) of Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone – a tale of power, family and politics set against a backdrop of unforgettable splendour.

The tale of the Dutton clan is already being told. Now, let’s tell yours.


“Leverage is knowing that if someone had all the money in the world, this is what they’d buy.”

Touching down in Bozeman – the gateway to Yellowstone National Park – you’ll get straight into the saddle as you mount your horses and ride to a remote private camp designed and set up exclusively for you. With spacious tents, horse companions, and a breathtaking backdrop of wild forests, rivers, and mountains, you’ll live out your own version of the show in the Dutton’s valley. One thing’s for sure, it’s a place worth fighting for.

After dinner, you’ll watch the sunset. Joined by a local naturalist (and wolf expert), you’ll learn about the prey and predator dynamics of the Yellowstone ecosystem.

The following morning, you’ll explore the nearby Lamar Valley with an expert guide. Nicknamed “the American Serengeti” (due to its abundance of migrating wildlife) you’ll seek the famous Yellowstone wolves, American bison, black bears, pronghorn antelope, and trumpeter swans. But that’s not all. Heading to the valley’s 600,000-year-old Grand Canyon, you’ll marvel at the magnificent 308-foot cascade of Yellowstone Falls (more than twice as tall as Niagara). Power – both in the blood and in the earth – runs deep.

As night falls, you’ll gain a fascinating insight into the ways of the Wild West – and a taste of life on the Dutton Ranch; trying your hand at cattle driving, saddling up and guiding 800-pound cows into picturesque pastures. Then, dinner – with cowboys. Breaking bread and sharing stories, you’ll learn firsthand what life is like for a true Montana wrangler. After a day of wildlife and adventure, it’s time to relax beneath starlit skies. We’ll provide the telescopes – and the hot chocolate. Or something a little stronger.

Horse wrangling, USA


“All the angels are gone, son. There’s only devils left.”

Saying farewell to Paradise Valley Luxury Camp, you’ll set off on an adventure to discover Yellowstone’s geothermal geology. Alongside your guide, you’ll explore the park’s bubbling and steaming Upper and Lower Geyser Basins as well as the dazzling orange-blue Grand Prismatic – the largest hot spring in the US (and the third largest in the world).

After enjoying a picnic lunch, we’ll take you to your next destination: Jackson Hole. Offering a taste of the show’s frontier (and politically lethal) town life, you’ll head to the heart of the city – and the stylish Hotel Jackson. It even has its own library. Take a leaf out of John and Rip’s book and pour yourself a drink of liquor, reminiscing beside the crackling fire.


“Cause they’ll always love the life more. And the horse more. And the job more. The rodeo more. I wanna’ be first.”

Today, you’ll take to the water by raft. Embarking on a tranquil trip from Dead Man’s Bar to Moose Village, you’ll glide along the winding Snake River, passing sagebrush plateaus, spruce forests, and the snow-dusted Teton mountains. Simply sit back, relax, and breathe it all in as your guide propels you along.

But it won’t be long until you hear the call of the land once more. After an afternoon exploring Jackson Hole’s galleries, boutiques and breweries, we’ll take you out on the town – at Jackson Hole Rodeo. Part of the area’s cowboy culture for over a century, this is the place to experience the thrill and danger of the show’s rodeo scenes. Here, we’ll arrange for you to have exclusive VIP access, taking you behind the chutes to see how the cowboys and cowgirls prepare for the rodeo, just like Jimmy did before winning his first belt buckle prize in Yellowstone. Taking your seats, you’ll watch the drama unfold.

Grand Tetons Mountain Range, USA


“You build something worth having, someone’s gonna’ try to take it”.

Tapping into the ranch lifestyle, we’ll take you to a private ranch where you’ll be greeted by the resident wranglers and learn about the history of their home. In true Kayce Dutton style (the show’s go-to-man for tricky horses), you’ll learn the secrets of horsemanship from a real-life horse whisperer. Later that evening, you’ll meet the Duttons (well, almost). Sitting down for dinner with one of the oldest ranching families in Jackson Hole, you’ll gain firsthand insight into the lifestyle and lessons that have been handed down through generations of local cowboys.

While this episode may be over, we don’t doubt that you’ll head for the horizon again. Wherever in the world It takes you.

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