Our guide to Sicily

White-washed villages, honeysuckle-kissed paths and a breathtaking natural fireworks display. Sicily is our sizzling-hot secret.

At a glance

For a dose of island glamour, these stylish, rustic islands have an impeccability about them which we can’t get enough of. And there’s one to suit every mood: the ultra-glam island of Panarea, the charming island of Salina, and then there’s Stromboli, whose active volcano blasts rutilant lava into the sky every twenty minutes.

What to see

Immerse yourself in Panarea, the unpolished gem of a capital, with its crumbling architecture, century-old churches, and vivacious eateries. For a spot of surfing, head to the glistening bays of San Vito lo Capo, a town with a delectable Arabic aura.

For a spot of relaxation, escape to the isle of Salina, the greenest and most laid-back island. Make your way around the rugged hills on the back of a Vespa, meander along its two extinct conical volcanoes, or head for the beautiful bay of Rinella.

For a colourful light show head to the fiery shores of Stromboli, home to Europe’s most active volcano. Hear the roaring eruptions and witness the spectacular natural fireworks.

Why we love it

Sicily is an eclectic region combining magnificent natural scenery with its many cultural offerings. It’s this diversity that makes it sparkle and sets it apart from its Italian counterparts.