Buying new technology should be exciting, not stressful. However if you’re new to the technology, chances are, like we were, you’re not sure where to even begin.

We’re always trying to enrich our clients’ travel experiences, and one of the trends of the last couple of years which is set to continue over the coming years is aerial photography.

No longer is access reserved for the professionals. Travellers are becoming increasingly interested in taking their perspective to the sky.

Firstly if you’re hoping to purchase your own drone but aren’t sure where to begin., you’re not alone. Secondly, we’ve worked with world renowned drone pilot Tim Browning as well as our office travelers to choose three drones we recommend as a great way to begin your life as an unmanned aerial vehicle pilot (‘technically speaking’).

The DJI Mavic Pro
Our office favorite.

DJI’s masterpiece is an advert for the direction of the drone industry.

Compact, portable and giving nothing away in performance. Designed for those on the move, this is the perfect drone for someone new to aerial photography. Not only is it easy to control, offering an incredible range of automatic shot sequences, but gives you up to 7km of range at speeds up to 40mph when in sports mode (yep. A drone. With sports mode).

The 4K stabilized camera ensures your footage will be as smooth and detailed as you would ever need.

And once you’re done? Clip it onto your belt and you’re away.

P.s. they also offer a somewhat larger but slightly more advanced drone range in their Phantom series.

GoPro Karma

The Mavic Pro has a considerable competitor in this range of drones. GoPro has joined the race for the skies with a beautifully designed drone.

Karma, they say is ‘more than a drone’ and we are not one to disagree.

Drones are great when we need them, but what about when we don’t? With Karma you can simply unclip the camera (and stabilisation grip) and in your hand you have your own GoPro, offering shake-free handheld footage. Perfect for hikes through forests, family fun on the beach, boat rides, city runs, the list is truly exhaustive. As CEO Nick Woodman describes, Karma really is the ultimate GoPro.

The DJI Spark

Quite simply, the future is here.

When the Mavic Pro was launched everyone was not only amazed by the capabilities but also the size. Well DJI have done it again.

The Spark weighs just 300 grams and, though not having the full spec of it’s big brother, offers an incredible array of functions and stunning imagery too.

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