32 years after the first ever photograph was taken, in 1858, Felix Tournachon, known as Nadar, sent a balloon 80 meters above the Bievre Valley in France and took the first ever aerial photograph.

It is over 150 years since then, and aerial photography has become increasingly accessible to anyone and everyone with an interest.

Technically called an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), drones have previously been, and to this day are still used as a weapon of warfare. However, in recent years, there has been a much friendlier resurgence in utilising their abilities.

Thanks to the popularity of YouTube and other online media platforms, we have become fascinated with visual content. What a drone can capture today would have previously require a helicopter, a pilot, licences, and a cameramen. Affordability and thus access to the industry has increased and the popularity is booming. Allied Market Research predicts drone technology will boost the aerial photography industry by 12.9%, making it a $2.8 billion dollar industry by 2022, sitting as a niche in what Bloomberg says will be a $127 billion dollar drone industry.

The figures are striking. However, it’s the imagery that these drones have provided that we find truly striking. Drones have given us the opportunity to document our lives from a brand new perspective. Drones have become a traveler’s dream and we highly recommend if you’re looking to take your travel photos and videos to a new level then a drone is your next best friend.


Some of our highlights

Drones are transforming industry by industry at the moment and in light of this the below is a look at what some people are doing with drones today which we absolutely love.


When you strip travel all the way back to its most basic elements, it is movement, and what a way to move this is. We will never control the oceans, but when the oceans allow us we know how to make the most out of them.


A mountain range, a city, a beach, a jungle, we can’t quite comprehend how amazing it would be to be able to fly over the world with nothing more than you and a board to stand on. Can you imagine feeling freer?


Travelling has made us all care much more about the world we occupy. Humanity v nature is a continuous struggle, so when we see modern technology fighting nature’s corner, it gives us hope. Deforestation is an issue we should all be aware of, and concerned about. So if like us you’re a supporter of conservation then you’ll love the video above.


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