A visit to the Provençal hills to try the famous Whispering Angel Rosé with Josh

Josh from our Client Relations team travelled to France this autumn in search of “the best” weekend escape. Now “the best” is pretty subjective, as are a lot of travel experiences, but we can tell you this – what he landed on was 300 hectares of wild countryside and one of the most beautiful, environmentally friendly estates conveniently nestled equidistant between Cannes and Draguignan.


If there’s one place to visit to really grasp the feeling of living in France, it would be at Terre Blanche. It’s a hop and a skip to the lavender fields with the local town of Fayence and markets right around the corner.

When the journey is as beautiful as the destination

My time visiting the property started at London Gatwick on a short flight to Nice and then onwards to Terre Blanche. The drive to Terre Blanche felt like a ride on a high-speed passenger train. Miles and miles of coastline and protected nature reserves flashing right by me, making it hard for even the forty-five minute private transfer to feel any longer than ten minutes. Passing through the gates of Terre Blanche felt almost the same way, with views overlooking the hilltop villages and countryside of Provence. The property is dotted with sculptures from French artists such as Niki de Saint Phalle which adds a unique feeling to the space whilst providing great focal points in each area of the hotel.

500 years of perfume

My favorite experience was by far the private perfume making class, which seemed apt as we were deep in the hills of Provence, surrounded by 500 years of perfume making history. As a late 20s male you may not have expected this to be a highlight – but it’s not just for women! You’re taken through the aged factory and taught about how perfume is made, enjoying particular scents from the local area, and what scents work well together. I bottled up my own signature scent with notes of citrus and eau de cologne and am still wearing it even when home, which is a good sign. Dinner on property at Michelin-starred La Faventia was truly delicious with the focus more on general French gastronomy. The food in the local towns, however, was delicious and quite naturally felt a lot more local and seasonal. Seabass with a lemon, garlic and parsley sauce fresh from the port that day was featured often on menus.

The perfect short trip across the channel

The next morning and the day of departure, I was picked up and driven back to the main house. Villas here are spread over a larger area, so a buggy is necessary while on property. Though, for excursions away from the property, it’s best to depart in a luxury old-style car (in my case, a Citroen Traction), which greatly helps you embrace the 60’s Riviera style blowing off the Mediterranean coast. The first destination on my list in my Citroen Traction was Chateau d’esclans for a wine tasting to try the famously delicious Whispering Angel, Garousse, and many other whites and reds. My tip: in your classic Citroen Traction car take the scenic route via the Gorges du Blavet to see the view down to Cannes and around the Chateaux to learn about how the different wines are.

For a weekend similar to mine, Terre Blanche is best visited during the months of June and September to avoid the crowds and for the most comfortable temperatures. If you’re looking to travel during lavender season, head to the property around mid-June or early-July.

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Inspired by Josh’s weekend getaway? Follow in his footsteps for the food, the wine, and the views.