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Keepsakes. The treasures collected from disparate corners of the globe that trigger cherished memories.  We all stumble across a keepsake that momentarily transports us back to an incredible moment; the sight of a ram-shackle group photo taken from the top of a windy peak, or the scent of a book, greasy with sun-cream and littered with grains of sand.

At Black Tomato we understand more than most about the power of keepsakes as a means of escaping the doldrums of everyday life. No matter how big or small, or what the worth, there is an emotional value to the trinkets we save from our travels. These mementos – whatever they may be – represent our experiences and stories, and keep them alive. But more than that, they make us crave the next adventure.

Crossing the globe to one of our favorite sun-spots, we’re going to take you to an idyllic cluster of Caribbean islands where you can create and collect keepsakes in abundance. Of course, memories and memorabilia can be found anywhere, but with 60 islands and cays the British Virgin Islands are home to a rich array of visuals, sounds, tastes and experiences. Few could return from this corner of the world without a treasured memory or an object that takes them back there. So, here we set off on our ‘Keepsake Keep Sail’ journey to uncover a secret side to the BVI.

The secrets of the Islands

Each of the British Virgin Islands has its own distinct character, which makes hopping around them all the more exciting. Here is our low down on some of the secrets that each place might hold... but really, you need to discover them for yourself.

Jost Van Dyke, the BVI

The hidden side of Jost Van Dyke

Virgin Gorda, the BVI

Stories from Virgin Gorda

Norman Island, the BVI

Treasure on Norman Island

Anegada, the BVI

Vibrant colors in Anegada

Brewers Bay, Tortola

A snapshot of Tortola

Videos to inspire

If you're looking at this, you might be thinking how much you'd like to click your fingers and find yourself in the British Virgin Islands right now. Well, we can't work magic (not that quickly, anyway) so until you actually find yourself basking on the shores of these incredible islands, here are some videos to show you a few more of the keepsakes waiting...

British Virgin Islands food and drink - thumb

A taste of BVI keepsakes

Sailing and diving in the BVI - video - thumb

A sea full of keepsakes

Discover keepsakes in the BVI

Music in the BVI - video - thumb

Musical keepsakes

#BVIKeepsake competition

At the heart of our Keepsake Keep Sail campaign we've been running a competition that invited you to share your most treasured keepsakes with us. We wanted to know about the trinkets or experiences that ignite your most special travel memories, and why. The collection of entries spanned far and wide, and choosing one from the eclectic mix of entries was a tricky task… so we've called upon an expert judging panel to help.

The prize? A truly unique trip to the British Virgin Islands for two on a Sunsail boat with a twist... Find out who the lucky winner is below.

1st thumbnail

And the winner is...

BVI Keepsake thumb

Some of our favourite entries

BVI judging panel, Black Tomato

Our BVI Keepsake Keep Sail judges

The Prize

At the heart of our Keepsake Keep Sail campaign we hosted a competition that invited you to share your most treasured keepsake with us. The entry that stands out most to us, that evokes a sense of a truly personal travel experience, will then be able to create another travel memory of their own…

Find out more below.

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