Destination Inspiration: Madeira

How many times have you had the opportunity travelling to explore everything a place has to offer from north to south, east to west? We think that’s what islands are for. Situated between Europe and Africa, is an island that is ripe for exploration. The same way the sun makes life spring from Madeira’s rocks, Madeira’s beauty, energy and diversity will bring a fresh vision to you.

The first thing we noticed about Madeira was the way it charms visitors with exquisite floral displays, nature sticking its head above the surface to show off its most beautiful creations. And Madeira has some of the finest in all the world. There are natural swimming pools and hidden caves, waterfalls and terraced hills, quiet fishing villages with orange trees by the side of the road, and sprawling conifer forests, distinctive local music and quiet, empty rocky peaks. As the scenery rapidly changes, we felt we had stumbled onto the world’s largest film set. There are so many different backgrounds to take in, you’ll wonder how it ever all fits into this small island, all on its own in the Atlantic.

Madeira is part of Portugal, but the island retains its proud individuality with its own vernacular and traditional cuisine. Who can leave Madeira without having sampled, and become quite the expert on the island’s most famous export: Madeira wine? And the people’s irresistible energy welcomes you into a culture as if you are long lost family, with hospitality and kindness that defines their way their life.

There is no better experience than getting to know a place inside out. Really getting to know something is ultimately an exercise in self-discovery. Madeira’s diversity made us question what we want from a holiday. And we thought why limit ourselves? When an island has it all waiting to be discovered, why take less than everything?

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