Chile’s Cultural Events Guide

As a free spirit, we’ve identified that one of your biggest passions lies in getting to know cultures so far removed from your own. Cultures that thrive in environments unknown to you in countries that fascinate and delight you.

Here at Black Tomato, we’re big advocates of getting involved in the local events scene when it comes to getting accustomed to different cultures – so much so that we often plan our trips around a country’s festival calendar. So, just in-case you’re thinking of doing the same, here are three of Chile’s most authentic events over their winter period.

Fiesta de San Pedro

Each June, the fishing boats along the length and breadth of the Chile are transformed by their owners into decorated vessels of worship in the name of their patron saint – Saint Peter. It’s not just the boats that become a riot of colour, however.

Travel down to San Pedro de Atacama and you’ll find a town celebrating its namesake with gusto. Expect traditional music and dancing and an endless supply of local cuisine authentic to the remote location of San Pedro.

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La Tirana

A celebration that occurs every July, La Tirana is Chile’s largest localised religious celebration and thus one you won’t want to miss. Held in the town of La Tirana in the far north of Chile, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims journey to this remote location for festivities that are held in worship of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, otherwise known as Virgen del Carmel.

The streets of La Tirana become illuminated by the colourful clothes of locals, dancers and dedicated visitors. The atmosphere is incredible and the joy of all those that take part permeable. A great insight into the belief systems of an ardently religious country, you’ll be left both charmed and humbled.

Carnaval de Invierno

This carnival was most likely created in defiance of the sub-Antarctic winter that descends upon the city of Punta Arenas throughout the months of June, July and August. Carnaval de Invierno brings some colour back into Chilean life with a number of parades and spectacular firework displays every July.

A winter carnival of music, dance and elaborate parade floats; you’ll forget the cold for a little while and enjoy a warm and energetic side to Chile that the locals keep alive all year round with passion.