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Eight reasons to put Capri on your 2020 bucket list

Hidden coves, beautiful vistas, and cliffside restaurants; Capri Island in Italy doesn’t disappoint. Lying in the Bay of Naples of Italy’s east coast, Capri is a firm favourite for those travelling along the Amalfi Coast. We often get asked by our clients how to get to Capri, but the reality is it’s easier than people think. With frequent ferries departing to and from Naples and Sorrento all year round, and many more ports during the summer months, travelling here has never been easier.

With this in mind, our Travel Experts have been scouring the island alongside our local guides, looking for the newest experiences, most exciting hotels and those travel moments that only we deliver. Below you’ll get a glimpse at what they found with eight reasons you should put Capri on your 2020 bucket list.

Blue Grotto, Capri
Cooking class in Positano

1. Take a private yacht to the Blue Grotto in Capri

High up on our list of the top things to do in Capri is a private excursion around the island and into the Blue Grotto, where sunlight passing through the cave creates a stunning blue reflection and illuminates the cavern. Aboard a stylish gozzo boat, your skipper will pick you up from Capri port and paddle you through the cave’s small opening, heading towards the glowing sea. Sitting directly above an underwater crevice, the Blue Grotto’s water is illuminated by a beam of sunlight entering through the crack, creating a magical feel whilst exploring the cave.

2. Learn about the island’s history, culture and cuisine with a private cooking class

An hour’s boat ride from Capri lies the quaint town of Positano. Flooded with cliff-side houses and vintage outlets selling leather goods, Positano is the perfect walking-tour town. But today, food is the focus. You’ll soon become acquainted with the local cuisine, learning about Amalfi’s Mediterranean climate that in turn, contributes to one of the world’s healthiest diets. During this private cooking class in Positano, your expert chef will guide you through the art of pasta making, the techniques used for a traditional antipasto and the fresh ingredients used in making seafood risotto. After donning an apron and cooking to your heart’s content, sit back and enjoy your creations with a glass of Aglianico.

Path of Forts, Capri
Flowers in Capri

3. Hike along the historical Capri mountain trail: Path of Forts

Armed with a private guide, or alone if you wish, this morning you’ll rise early, lace up your hiking boots and embark on a sunrise hike along Capri’s west coast. Picture-perfect all year round, the Path of Forts will see you meander along the mountain paths from Grotto Azzurra to Punta Carena, passing fjord-like bays, wild flora and fauna, and you guessed it – ancient forts. After passing the impressive Orrico, Pino and Mesola trio, you’ll soon reach Punta Carena lighthouse where you can watch the sunrise above the ocean and enjoy a rewarding swim. 

4. Mingle with celebrities in the stunning Piazzetta

Along the town centre’s cobbled streets sits Piazza Umberto, the historic market square locally known as Piazzetta. A popular celebrity destination, this small square plays home to a beautiful clock tower that chimes every 15 minutes, echoing far into the distance. In the light of day, get familiar with restored palaces and designer shops that line the surrounding streets or photograph the walkways draped in wisteria. As the sun sets on the Piazzetta, the square comes to life with crowds of people gathering for a cocktail in the trendy bars and a bowl of fresh tagliatelle in the town’s best restaurants.

Sea boat in Capri
Temptation Room at Il Riccio

5. Sip champagne in Capri’s undiscovered blue bays 

In the summer months, Capri beaches can sometimes get over-crowded, so the best way to enjoy a swim in the azure water is via private boat. Whether it’s a tour of a hidden grotto, a dip in a secluded bay, or a lesson on the Mediterranean Sea; we’ll ensure your skipper is on hand for your every need. After you’ve swum to your heart’s content we’ll drop you on a secluded bay to indulge in a champagne picnic filled with your favourite treats.

6. Shower yourself with sweet treats in Il Riccio’s temptation room

Overlooking the beguilling Blue Grotto, a romantic lunch at the one-Michelin star restaurant Il Riccio at Capri Palace Hotel is a must while visiting the island. Half restaurant, half beach club, we will arrange a private daybed for you in the morning, from where you can top up your tan and sip on a glass of fresh limoncello. With stone steps zig-zagging down the cliffside at Il Roccio Beach Club, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a swim in the warm water before lunch. After dining out on risotto di mare and black cod medallions, you’ll get the chance to visit the Temptation Room. A room dedicated entirely to desserts; let your sweet tooth run wild.   

View from Mount Solaro, Anacapri
Capri Palace Hotel

7. Look out over Naples from the highest point in Capri

If you’re after a break from hiking and swimming, but still want to soak up the coastal views, Capri’s open-air chair lift up to Monte Solaro will provide just that. Beginning at Anacapri, you’ll slide your way up to the highest point of Capri Island, taking in the breathtaking views of Naples and beyond along the way. In Monte Solaro, enjoy a hot coffee at 589 metres above sea level before making your journey back down via chair lift or on foot. On the descent down, you’ll stumble upon the beautiful 16th-century church of Santa Maria a Cetrella, where you can take a breather and admire the stunning vistas.

8. Sleep in style at white-washed Capri Palace Hotel

Perched on the hills of Capri overlooking the glistening Mediterranean Sea, Capri Palace Hotel holds the key to some of the island’s most beautiful panoramic views. Laced with elegant decor, the 72 rooms feature an assortment of special touches, from handcrafted floor tiles and vaulted ceilings to walk-in wardrobes and freestanding bathtubs. For the foodies, the hotel’s two Michelin-star restaurants will serve up gastronomic excellence in every dish, and as for the wine enthusiasts; take a trip down to the hotel’s cellar to admire the vast collection of vintage bottles. Check out our other hotels on Capri island to find the best one for you.

Captivated by Capri?

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