Our Favourite Nicaraguan Beaches

Nicaragua happens to have the advantage of two coastlines, one on the Pacific and one on the Caribbean. But what does this mean for the beach lovers amongst you? Well, whichever type of beach experience you’re after, Nicaragua will probably be able to provide it for you. Remote and untouched fishing village? Check. Surfers’ paradise? Check. Palm-fringed slice of perfection? Ok – you get the picture. Here are just two of our favourites from the East Coast.


Pacific: Playa Gigante

This is one of Nicaragua’s most tranquil offerings, giving you a taste for authentic coastal life in this inspiring country. Overlooked by an old fishing village, the only signs of tourism are the handful of hostels and surf camps that have quietly popped up over the last few years. The idyllic days here are punctuated by the bustle of village life and the sounds of the waves lapping at the sands.

Then, when the sun begins to set in blood-red Nicaraguan fashion, beach side restaurants will serve up the catch of the day and the last few surfers will return from hours spent at nearby surf breaks. The charms of village life and the temptation to laze in a hammock once more are sure to have you vowing to return.

Pacific: Playa Colorado

If you’ve come to Nicaragua interested in checking out the country’s world-famous surfing scene, then Playa Colorado is one of the best places to start. Situated in an offshore wind corridor (if you’re not down with the surfing lingo, this just means the conditions are great for some epic waves), the breaks of Playa Colorado keep surf enthusiasts coming back all year round. As it’s a private beach, we’ll either have to book you into one of the nearby hotels or arrange a private boat to take you down there.

Then, when you arrive, grab a surf board and get paddling. There are a number of different breaks to suit your skill level, but we wouldn’t recommend Playa Colorado to anyone that’s not been on a board before. This is a beach that can have some serious waves.

Caribbean: The Pearl Cays

The Pearl Cays lie around 35 kilometres off of Nicaragua’s Caribbean coastline. Uninhabited and lacking in facilities (when we say lacking, we mean there are none) these dazzling isles will provide you with the ultimate ‘castaway’ experience. Seriously, you even have to barter with a local fisherman to get there (although we can, of course, arrange private transportation if you want to be slightly less Bear Grylls about it).

When you arrive you’ll be greeted by bright white sands, vibrant green foliage and sparkling blue waters. An image you won’t be forgetting in a hurry. The waters here are perfectly clear so great for snorkelling whilst the dense foliage and endless expanse of beaches are just begging to be explored.

Caribbean: Little Corn Island

This island is a little further afield (around 45 miles of the east coast of Nicaragua) but it’s well worth visiting. Quiet and underdeveloped, Little Corn is a destination of clear warm waters, clean coral sands and a handful of eco lodges and shacks serving up freshly caught seafood.

The history of the island tells a story of pirate ships, colonial rule and buried treasure, and the Little Corn of today is no less vibrant. Home to a mixed community of creole, English and Spanish speakers, you’ll be left charmed by the friendly locals and colourful buildings.