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Packing for a trip is always a challenge. We all know the struggle; false weather predictions, lack of suitable footwear and the classic shorts/speedo debacle. Try as you may, the departure lounge panic that something has been forgotten is inevitable, but the consequences are usually pretty minor, and aesthetic at worst.

For The Tempest Two, a forgotten item poses a more serious risk than a lack of beach-chicness. One small memory lapse could result in a much more perilous fate. With that in mind, the adventure-loving pair have now began the arduous task of packing their extremely specialist kit-list. Their destination is one that fewer than 500 people have been in history and by December 13th their selection will be finalized as they push off from the shores of Gran Canaria.

We’ve been catching up with the guys, picking their brains about what (and why) they have packed for this incredible journey…


Our iPad will be our ‘multimedia center’, containing all entertainment for the 60 day trip. With Jaybird Sport on-board as our headphone partner and Spotify as our music partner we’ve worked with their team to compile a number of playlists for various scenarios. It’s been evident during training that music boosts performance and morale enormously and the soundtrack to our adventure is something we have taken very seriously.


One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘what will you eat?’ All of our meals are freeze dried in sealed foil pouches. We have opted for an exotic menu of Mountain House Spaghetti Bolognaise, Chilli Con Carne, and Chicken Tikka. And also packed a small confectionary collection with Kit Kats, Haribo and a stack of Bounce high-protein balls make up our snack-packs for the journey.


Our Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon is an important bit of kit for us. The small device (about the size of a 1980s mobile phone) will be triggered in case of emergency. If we flip in a storm and the boat floods, we will pull the pin, activate a global distress signal and hopefully be rescued. It’s a genuine life-saver.

Life Raft

One essential item we’ve packed but hope never to use is our life raft. We’ve prepared for every eventuality, and if things turn nasty out there this will be our new home until we are rescued.


A slightly weird one, but so important for comfort. We will line our rowing seats with natural sheepskin to try and avoid salt sores and rubbing during the journey. With over a million strokes required to make it across the Alantic, the maintenance of our rear-ends is a serious consideration.

Charts & GPS

Plotting our position is crucial. We will do this every 12 hours and adjust our bearing constantly to make sure we hit Barbados. On some days we may stray up to 100 miles off course if winds and currents are against us, and if this happens we need to be prepared to re-assess and navigate in a clever manner.

Lacrosse Balls

Not for playing with, but for manipulating our muscles in between shifts. Our physical upkeep is a main priority to us, and given the brutal nature of the challenge ahead we have to take care of our bodies as best as we can. A 10 minute stretch before each shift will ensure that we maintain our psychical health throughout the journey.

Fishing Line

This has no other purpose than for pure enjoyment. The thought of pulling up a fish, prepping it onboard and dining on fresh sushi is a goal we both share. It’s a moment that will offer our minds a fresh focal point away from the monotonous nature of the rowing.


GoPro have joined The Tempest Two as our content partner, supplying us with all the gear we need to capture the essence of what it takes to row The Atlantic. Content is so important to us, and we will be releasing a feature-length film following our return, documenting our story from day-one which won’t be possible without this arsenal of cameras.


The seclusion of our boat and the isolated feeling of being thousands of miles from land is a feeling we both crave yet fear. Our satphone is the link between us and our loved ones back home. It will enable us to speak to those we miss the most, and get words of encouragement when we desperately need them.

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