Il Melograno and La Peschiera: between olive groves and balmy coast

These twinned hotels embody Puglia’s unique take on la dolce vita

Located on Italy’s authentic, easygoing Puglian coast, the twinned hotels of Il Melograno and La Peschiera celebrate the exquisite art of slowing down. This is exactly the atmosphere we sought to capture in our latest film, caught between the gentle waves, pools and spa of Peschiera and the converted Masseria of Melograno (a former historic farmhouse).

Puglia’s own jagged coastline—of earthy plains, gnarled olive trees and boundless rolling hills—has an unkempt beauty that can’t easily be found in Italy’s glitzier and more crowded coasts. Robust limestone buildings, Greek and Spanish influences, cosy trattorias and gutsy hillside towns. Puglia is calm, eclectic and lays claim to some of the best cuisines in the whole of Italy.

And these two hotels—among our wider offering of Italian resorts—offer you a chance to experience what this lifestyle really means.

Head below to catch our languorous film in full. And if you want to discover more about this robust and pretty corner of Italy, head here.


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