Jordan: An Eco Sanctuary

It’s rare to find yourself in a place without the hum of a light bulb, or the whisper of a car in the distance, but in Jordan, the eco-conscious traveller can find a true sanctuary.

Jordan’s Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature run seven nature reserves where you can stay in candlelit eco-tents and lodges and experience first-hand the uninhabited rawness and beauty of Jordan’s natural deserts, mountains, and forests. But it’s not just about picturesque scenery—it’s about preserving an ancient way life. One still connected to nature that doesn’t rely on iPhones, apps or sat nav.

In our next video for our Jordan: The Passage of Time series, we ventured into Jordan’s reserves and stopped at the magical Feynan Ecolodge—a model of sustainability, powered by a handful of solar panels by day and lit by stars by night—to chat with Suleiman, a local Bedouin, for a taste of life lived far from the digital world. Suleiman offers guided hikes and lessons in stargazing at the lodge, and he showed us that in Jordan, there are people who still remember how to live with the earth, wind and stars as their only map and compass.