Our six favourite experiences in Los Cabos, Mexico

Perched on the tip of Mexico’s Baja California Sur and sandwiched between the colossal Pacific Ocean and the azure Sea of Cortez, Los Cabos is a hotspot for sun-worshippers, surfers, and fisherman. But if you think Los Cabos is just sun, sea and tequila, think again. Ancient wonders and exotic wildlife abound on this tropical desert peninsula, so we’ve rounded up our favourite six to share with you.


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Historic Todos Santos

Founded in the 18th-century as a mission town (the name means “All Saints”), the little community of Todos Santos is fast becoming celebrated for its culture – visitors can wander between art galleries, boho boutiques and charming restaurants, or plan a visit to coincide with one of the many film, food and music festivals – including one curated by the guitarist of REM, who’s now a resident.

Ancient cave paintings

Marvel at ancient, larger-than-life cave paintings in the midst of the Baja desert. Some of the most striking rock art can be found at Sierra de San Francisco, with hundreds of caves offering a fascinating (and surprisingly colourful) insight into our prehistoric ancestors.

Whale watching

Get up close and personal with whales within Magdelena Bay. Gray whales come to these calm waters every January, February and March to mate and give birth. The shallow bay is renowned for breathtaking sightings that are almost within touching distance of the gentle giants, and the curious creatures frequently break the surface to greet small boats of admirers.

Pirate coves

Retrace the steps of 16th-century pirates and explore the coves around San Jose del Cabo. Notorious English pirates would lurk along the coast preparing to ambush Spanish Galleons and seize glittering hordes of gold, silver and jewels. Some folklore even tells of unimaginable pirate treasure still buried along this historic coastline today…

Snorkel with sea lions at Espiritu Santo Island

Once called “the world’s aquarium” by none other than Jacques Cousteau himself, take to the Sea of Cortez for some sublime snorkelling. California sea lions are just one of the wildlife highlights in the turquoise waters around Espiritu Santo Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site just north of La Paz. Come in October, and you could even get to swim, snorkel or dive with playful sea lion pups.

Cabo Pulmo Marine Park

Plunge into the crystal clear waters of Cabo Pulmo Marine Park, only two hours’ drive from Cabo San Lucas. The national marine park is home to the only living hard coral reef in North America, with a kaleidoscopic range of underwater life that’s been rehabilitated thanks to the efforts of the local coastal community.