The Nazca lines of Peru have bewildered visitors for nearly 2,000 years. Here’s why.

 Is this the world’s largest artwork? 

Peru’s Nazca Lines have been one of the world’s greatest archaeological mysteries, yet few have seen these ancient geoglyphs the way we’ll show you. Travel with us to Peru to see the mysterious landscape carvings crisscrossing across Nazca from a jaw-dropping angle, as you take part in our memorable tour over the Nazca Lines via plane. With us, you can throw away your binoculars. Trust us, you really won’t need them.

The Nazca Lines aerial spiral
The Nazca Lines Man

What are the Nazca lines, exactly?

Gaining worldwide attention in the 1920s when commercial air travel was introduced between Lima and the Southern city of Arequipa, the Nazca Lines have only grown in popularity, becoming one of Peru’s most beloved treasures.

Having remained a mystery for over 80 years, the Nazca Lines were patiently carved into the chalk of Nazca by ancient Peruvians some 2,000 years ago. Fast-forward to the 21st century and the world is flocking over to catch a once-in-a-lifetime view of these entrancing drawings across the “Pampa Colorada” – a name given to the red plains where Nazca’s artwork lies.

More than 800 straight lines, 300 geometric shapes and 70 animal, plant and human designs were drawn into Nazca’s chalk over a 1,000 year period. Impressively, many of the figured drawings are as large as the Empire State Building as they stretch up to 1,200 feet in length.

Aerial view of the Nazca Lines

See the ancient Nazca Lines from above on a private plane ride

This alluring and enigmatic destination has captivated scientists, researchers, history lovers and curious travellers for decades. Thought to have been drawn for religious ceremonies, the Nazca Lines have an abundance of history attached to them and with the help of our expert guides, you’ll gain a new perspective into this spellbinding Peruvian culture.

You may have difficulty distinguishing the geoglyphs at their very best if it’s not from a birds-eye-view, which is why we offer the bespoke opportunity of experiencing an exclusive flight tour over the Nazca Lines from Paracas so that you can see a perspective that many don’t get to witness on their own.

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We thought so. But this is only the beginning of what we can do to create an unforgettable experience for you. Each of our trips are designed entirely bespoke, so if you’d like to experience the Nazca Lines, Ica and Paracas, or further afield, then get in touch with our Travel Experts today.


Visit one of the rarest ecosystems in Paracas

Once you’ve seen the grand remnants of the Nazca culture, we will plan your journey back to Pisco and drive 20 minutes to Hotel Paracas. Also known as ‘El Chaco’, the quaint port town of Paracas is based south of the city of Pisco and is home to charming blue waters, the most beautiful beaches in the country and one of the rarest ecosystems on the planet.

The awe-inspiring Paracas National Reserve features a majestic peninsula that covers coastal areas, as well as Peru’s tropical desert. This protected sanctuary is the preferred residence of an array of flora and fauna, and with our local guide, you can experience the reserve whilst gaining a new perspective of this natural haven.

Predating the Inca by centuries, you’ll be able to walk through the history of Paracas as you browse through museums, including the famed Julio C. Tello museum and the intact necropolis of Wari Kayan, as well as the must-see Paracas Candelabra.

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Huacachina in the evening

Sandboarding and stargazing in Ica

Afterwards, we’ll take you to Ica, Peru’s ‘miracle in the desert’. This Peruvian city is the nation’s leading – and best – wine producer, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to have an exclusive wine tour with us.

Just outside the city lies the spectacularly entrancing desert oasis, Huacachina. During your visit, we’ll ensure that you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience sandboarding in this Peruvian hotspot, as we take you on a bespoke tour to some of the largest dunes in South America. Take a glance at the magnificent views from the top before you fly down the dune, then either lay down, sit or stand whilst you experience the soaring feeling of the wind breezing past.

If you’d rather have a more relaxing experience, relax on the dunes and witness the raw beauty of the sunset falling behind the undulating desert landscape. Afterwards, continue to browse the clear sky and stargaze your way to a wonderfully calm experience. Whatever you decide to do, we’ll offer a unique opportunity to sway off the beaten path and find hidden gems surrounding this charming location.

Whether it’s your first time experiencing this Latin-American country or you’re returning to discover more of the culture, our tailor-made getaways openly introduce you to Peru’s entrancing mysteries. You’ll be escorted by our local guides so that you can experience the endless reasons why Peru is so mesmerizingly special.

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