The Northern Territory & Beyond

As well as being an incredible destination in its own right, the Northern Territory is also a place that pairs perfectly with locations outside of Australia. Luckily, multi-destination trips are a Black Tomato speciality; we understand how precious your time off is and strive to enable you to experience as much as possible, as easily as possible. So, when we discovered how complimentary Singapore is to the Northern Territory, we couldn’t wait to tell you about it.


Singapore is poles apart from the Northern Territory in terms of experience, meaning you’ll get to explore both untouched landscape and buzzing cosmopolitan cityscape in one well-rounded adventure. With direct flights from Darwin to Singapore taking just under 5 hours, it really is a just a quick hop before you’ll find yourself in a completely different setting altogether.

Lying in direct contrast to the stunning yet unpopulated landscapes of the Northern Territory, Singapore is a fast-paced, cosmopolitan metropolis. Discover the city’s unique heritage, indulge in the gourmet cuisine scene and, of course, go shopping. It’s a relaxed itinerary that will ease you back into a world of cityscapes, modernity and development. Vibrant, clean and affluent; Singapore is most definitely worth a visit on the way in or out of Darwin, especially when you’re just as close to this eclectic little island as you are to Sydney.

This pairing of city with a Northern Territory top-end experience provides the ultimate unique vacation combo. A fast-developing city with a small town vibe and a beautiful climate, Darwin is the perfect mix of old and new Australia and celebrates its aboriginal heritage with pride. It also serves as the gateway to explore untouched destinations such as Arnehm Land and Kakadu National park. Crocodiles, birds and waterfalls therefore provide a stunning contrast to your Singapore stopover.

A world of its own or the perfect twin destination for the adventurers amongst us, the Northern Territory is truly one of the world’s greatest wonders.