Our guide to Borneo

Nothing comes close to Borneo. And boy, have we looked. Unchartered jungles teem with wildlife and the beaten track winds away into the unknown as you explore deeper into this intrepid heart of nature. Discover our evolutionary brothers swinging from the trees above the dense vegetation and retreat to spectacular powdery white sand beaches, with every luxury discreetly available. The sheer indulgences of Borneo belie the serene seclusion of its untouched landscapes. Step into Borneo and we guarantee; you will discover something special.

At a glance

Despite being the world’s third largest island, Borneo still retains its intimate local charm; the expansive landscape contrasts with its tightly-knit people and their ancient tribal customs. Spliced between Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei, Borneo has somehow managed to escape everyone’s attention, leaving its natural wonders to flourish in splendid tranquility.

Some of the world’s oldest virgin rainforests, rolling hills and wondering rivers run through the island, tailing off into a rich sea of emerald green, itself home to a complex abundance of flora and fauna. Spectacular wildlife also flows into Borneo’s surrounding seas, which are teeming with a huge diversity of vibrant aquatic life and are lined by staggeringly beautiful white sand beaches.

Completely off the beaten track and wonderfully authentic, Borneo boasts the best of both beach and jungle, giving you the unique chance to visit one of the last vestiges of untouched beauty in the world.

What to see

Losing yourself amongst the sweeping jungle canopies of Sabah’s northern forests is an experience straight out of an adventurer’s dream, where unformed shapes rustle in the nearby branches and animal calls ring through the trees. A visit to the nearby Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary is also a must, with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the resident wide-eyed primates.

Leave behind the jungle and head to the bustling market town of Kota Kinabalu, and get your lips smacking with Borneo’s speciality succulent satay sticks. Stroll through the lively night market that offers a unique insight into Borneo’s vibrant local culture, with their distinctive local crafts and dazzling dances greeting your eyes. For those wanting to stretch their legs a little more, head to the hazy slopes of nearby Mount Kinabalu for spectacular views over the rest of the island.

For some seriously idyllic beach-side lounging, we’ve fallen for Borneo’s paradisiacal Gaya Island, set amongst shimmering waters, and teeny tiny Lakayan Island, just a speck amongst the blue of the Sulu Sea. Offering some of the world’s best diving and snorkelling, and spectacular luxury hideaways to rest your head, there’s no better place to utterly unwind.

Why we love it

Borneo is a true treasure trove; you can’t help but be captivated by its precious charm. Intrepid jungle adventure and serene beach-side bliss conspire to create one of the most exciting and intriguing destinations on earth. We are hooked. And you will be too.