Our guide to China

China is fast becoming the go-to destination in Asia and with so much to see and do, it’s not hard to imagine why. We’ve had our eyes set on this stunning part of Asia for a while, so we thought it’s high time we opened our little black book and let you in on some of our Chinese secrets…

At a Glance

Home to one fifth of the world’s population and one of the oldest civilisations in the world, China is an awe inspiring destination to say the least. From the sky scrapers of Shanghai to the enchanting mountains of Yangshuo that rise spectacularly out of the mist, to the vibrancy and culinary delights of Xi’ans Muslim Quarter, it’s hard not to believe that China has everything you would want from a holiday destination.

What to See

Of course, no trip to China would be complete without having visited the Great Wall. It’s an infamous remnant of the ancient Chinese Empire that can be seen from space, so you’d kick yourself if you didn’t take a look. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of remote stretches along the wall that will to allow you to explore at your own pace and enjoy those panoramic views without the crowds.

Another of our favourite places in China has to be Yangshuo. Serene and mystical, Yangshuo boasts some stunning scenery and is enriched by the different cultures of the ethnic minority groups that reside there. Here you can watch a local fisherman practicing the age old method of Cormorant fishing, explore vibrant markets or set off on an idyllic bamboo raft ride downstream. It’s the place to go for a taste of authenticity.

Why we love it

China has not yet suffered the pitfalls of mass-tourism and, despite the modernity of its cities, you need only look slightly beyond the surface to uncover the country’s astounding culture and heritage. We loved that from the bright lights of Beijing a short journey will have you transported to the historic emblem of the Great Wall of China, and that classic gardens still stand in the heart of urban Shanghai. It’s the perfect choice for a holiday destination with a difference…