Our Guide to Kenya

We understand that certain things in life are an absolute must-see.  Witnessing the big five running wild in the African wilderness has got to be up there for anyone.  We’ve got that covered, but in true Black Tomato style we’ll let you in on our secret to escape the crowds.

At a Glance

Jewel of Africa’s safari crown, famed for its abundance of lions, venue for the Greatest Show on Earth and heartland of the mighty Maasai.  Kenya is one of our out-and-out favourites when it comes to classic safari holidays.  Stay at stunning lodges and head out with expert guides who use their Maasai heritage to track down the big five on foot, by jeep or even by air.

Put off reality for a few more days and top off your luxury safari trip with a few days of beach-side relaxation on Kenya’s Indian Ocean coastline.

What To See

For maximum safari kudos in a short amount of time, head for Kenya.  Heartland of the mighty Maasai and home to one of the highest concentrations of wildlife on the continent.  Let us take you to the Mara North Conservancy, true Maasai country, on the trail of the big five with expert warrior guides.  Get a glimpse of how this ancient tribe instinctively track wildlife through these breathtakingly rugged lands.

Once a year, Kenyan safari receives an injection of life.  The Great Migration drives 1.3 million thundering wildebeest over Kenya’s Maasai plains.  With this comes the unique opportunity to see life on Africa’s savannahs come full circle.   Make sure you head out in the three month window between July and October to witness the full force of the migration unfold.  And our absolute favourite way to witness this great spectacle, take to the skys in a hot air balloon at dawn, gliding silently as the torrent of life races beneath you in search of new pastures – an awe-inspiring experience.

Fringed by the Indian Ocean Kenya’s beaches are reminiscent of dreamy shipwrecked fantasies.  White sands, crystal waters and lazy palms all present and correct; they really are worthy contenders for paradise.  If you’ve a little energy left, these shores are also prime for the adrenaline junkies out there, kite and wind surfing conditions are great whilst abundant coral reefs offer a second chance to track down a bit more wildlife.          .

Why We Love It

Offering the ultimate mix of excitement and relaxation, culture and holiday indulgence, rugged savannah and tropical beaches; Kenya is our stand out choice for classic Out of Africa safari holidays topped off by some serious beach down time.