Our Guide to Namibia

If you’re searching for the unfamiliar and unusual, then stop right here. Namibia is a land where nomadic wildlife meets rugged alien landscapes and the heat of the plains meets the chill of the desert coastline. Enter Namibia, a country that once discovered, will not be forgotten.

At a glance

In the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa lies Namibia, a country so vast that it is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. Its dramatic and mystical landscape makes for a visual feast for anyone seeking a completely unique experience which tells you more about this fascinating country than a thousand words ever could.

Spanning almost the entire length of the South Atlantic coastline, the Namib Desert is the oldest desert in the world and with equally stunning natural wonders such as the Fish River Canyon and Etosha National Park, Namibia is the place to go for a trip that can be tailor-made to encompass every dramatic corner the country has to offer.

What to see

Feeling like you are the only person on the earth is a pretty rare and special experience. We love it and that is exactly the feeling you experience as you step into the fascinating world of Namibia.

The sense of space is invigorating and is arguably best experienced from the blue African skies in a hot air balloon ride; standing in the middle of Deadvlei, the vast, famous salt flat in the centre of Soussesvlei will also make you feel as though you are in another stunning world. Despite its arid desert and vast wilderness, Namibia is still home to a range of wildlife that will be sure to bring out your wild side.

Etosha National Park is famous for its exhilarating safaris and the desert elephants are a sight to behold as these majestic creatures have become adapted to the harsh conditions of Damaraland

Why we love it

We just can’t get enough of Namibia. With the Kunene River being the only constant source of water in the country, it is amazing how this corner of Africa has such a diverse range of landscapes and still continues to flourish with its vibrant ancient and traditional culture.

Namibia will appeal to the explorer within you as you head off on quad bikes, by foot, 4x4s or private planes to get a taste of the action and wonder that is this raw and rugged country.