Our Guide to Nepal

Nepal is anything but your average holiday destination. Just the mention of its name gets our pulses racing a little faster at the thought of high altitude and the freshest of air. So if you’re yearning to leave the smoggy traffic behind for a generous helping of intrepid adventuring, Nepal is the perfect place for you.

At a glance

Land of the Ghurkas, shaggy-coated yaks, and some of the highest settlements in the world, only one word truly captures the essence of Nepal: remarkable. Remarkable people, remarkable landscapes, and remarkable experiences. Draped along the majestic peaks of the Himalayas and creeping down to the heat-baked plains of northern India, Nepal’s lands are a melting pot of Asian culture and astounding starkly dramatic natural beauty.

Home to what many regard as the best trekking on the planet, explorers and mountaineers the world over take the pilgrimage to Nepal to trek the Himalayas and its iconic residents – the formidable Annapurna Circuit and, of course, mighty Everest Base Camp.

But this country has much more than just world class trekking on offer. White-water rafting, cycling and kayaking are all on tap, as is unique wildlife-spotting (look out for elusive tigers and rhino) in the rugged National Parks. So whether you’re looking for a challenge or simply want to soak up the fascinating local culture, Nepal is guaranteed to serve you up a unique and rewarding trip.

What to see

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting up, up and away from it all. And what better way to catch the best views of the Himalayas than from the air, sweeping skyward in a helicopter through rugged mountain passes, on route to Throng-La.

Remote villages tuck themselves away in Nepal’s valleys, where there’s nothing more pleasurable than taking some time to stop and learn about the astonishingly secluded local way of life there. Make sure to also see the mountain-side Buddhist monasteries, strewn with multi-coloured prayer flags which, set against a bright blue sky and snow-capped mountain backdrop, are a sight to behold.

No trip to Nepal would be complete without exploring that little bit deeper into the Himalayan Mountains. Our favourite way to go is by bike, cycling through the winding paths that run through the towering Kali-Gandaki Gorge, nestled deep between the lofty peaks of Mount Annapurna and Mount Dhaulagiri.

Finally, for the perfect spot of rejuvenation, make your way to the beautiful town of Pokhara for its serenely calm lake-side views, or soothe your legs by sinking into a hot spring pool at Tatopani. The buzzy thrill of Kathmandu is sure to give you the jolt of energy needed to bring you back to life.

Why we love it

Nepal has a deep, humbling power. The remarkable resilience of its people and the immensity of its landscape can’t help but hit you with a hearty shot of adrenaline and then captivate you into a quiet calm. We can’t think of any other place quite like it.