Seattle Spas

If you’re looking for a bit of downtime during your time in Seattle then why not indulge in a spa treatment? Here are our top three places for pampering.

Spa Noir

Go and pamper yourself for the day at the casually intimate Spa Noir, located in the beautiful Belltown District, not far from the city’s downtown core. Luxurious massages range from deep tissue to Swedish to Hot Stone, and you can also enjoy body wraps, facials and other skin rejuvenating services.

The staff are extremely welcoming and want you to experience the energy of this unique spa. We would suggest you treat yourself to a ‘Star Session’ which focuses on your extremities, with a combination of massage, pressure points, and steamed towels to relieve tension and stress. Pure bliss.

Ananya Spa

For a seriously sophisticated bit of pampering, spend a morning or afternoon in the Ananya Spa, an elegant space that is one of the best places to go in Seattle for massages, waxing and facials. The spa has exceptional products and cutting-edge technology. Plus, highly trained and professional therapists will customise experiences to your exact needs, so definitely let them know which areas you would like them to focus on.


Take your mind back to 1986 and you will find yourself in the year that Seattle’s very first day spa was opened. Championing the beginning of a trend that was going to be seen across the city, Ummelina in Downtown Seattle was a trailblazer for accessible wellness and indulgence. And since its inception, this popular spa has continued to stay ahead of the game, featuring treatments inspired from across the globe. If you have plenty of time at your disposal, we recommend the Lunar Journeys Full Moon (full day) or Half Moon (half day) package – otherwise, the African Foot Bath is a brilliant quick fix for soothing tired legs after exploring the city.