Harry’s visit to Italy to stay at a 700-Year-Old Tuscan villa

Harry on our team traveled to Italy earlier this year and spent a weekend at the unique Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany. He toured the estate and found out what it really means when luxury and nature come together.

Borgo Santo Pietro has been carefully designed to create a homely feel to it and the passion and exquisite attention to detail in every corner of the estate helps generate a calming atmosphere, one that you just don’t want to leave. From the amenities in your bathroom, to the delights that grace your plate in the evening, everything has been organically grown on site

It’s not just a hotel – it’s way more than that. It’s a home, it’s a farm, it’s a small community living off the land and providing an experience as authentic and enriching as I’ve ever had in Italy.

Walking through the gardens is a great way to discover the beauty of the place. You’ll learn all about the ancient techniques of their 200-acre farm and how they are dedicated to their organic produce and sustainable living. Knowing that your meal has been crafted from the fruits of the garden makes dining at the incredible restaurants in the hotel or the more enjoyable.

We had hired a car and planned to drive around Tuscany to explore, though we quickly found this to be almost impossible. The allure of Borgo meant we didn’t need to leave and ended up being one of the more memorable relaxing weekends as a result.

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