Eight days in Zambia

Olly recounts one of his favourite travel memories.

We’ve seen the world – and we will see it again. But in the meantime, we’re going to keep in touch, reminding you of why we travel in the first place. That’s why we’re looking back at the trips we’ve made in order to feel the thrill of the trips we’re going to take. Place by place, face by face – we’re looking back to look forward.

Here, we spoke to Olly – who travelled to Zambia in the faraway days of 2017. This is his story.

I’ve been to four different countries in Africa and of all the destinations I’ve experienced, Zambia has quickly become top of mind for me. It doesn’t boast the long miles of jagged beaches like the coast does, but one trip to Victoria Falls and you’ll see why the trek to the land-locked destination is worth it. The main thing that pulls me to this region over others is the magnificent falls and watching the edge of the lagoons approach the canopy. It’s where water crosses into the earth and spreads back across the plains again.

Zambia is the location where you’ll have the chance to see each side of Africa: the calm and the wild. Unwind under the stars with views overlooking the animals grazing only feet from your villa deck one day and hike (or take a helicopter as I did) to see it all from above.

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Sunsets slowly melt in the distance as you gather around the fire, ready to swap your favorite parts of the day when an elephant slowly crosses the path in front of you and just like that, you have a new story to tell. This was how each of my days in Zambia felt. They were filled with new experiences waiting for you to explore – spanning to the more adventurous safaris and whitewater rapids to the relaxed Devil’s Pool Tongabezi sundowners over the bush.

Rivers intertwine each other and run through the landlocked country making it one of the best place to fish, white water raft, and even swim. Zambia makes its way into your soul and gives you a glimpse at the creative spirit of Africa – it’s remote, untethered and awaiting your curiosity.

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