At Black Tomato, we pride ourselves on pushing boundaries, creating unique experiences and changing lives through travel. And if there’s anything that inspires more than creating these experiences, it’s meeting others that strive to embark on them. Recently we caught wind of two British travel enthusiasts who hold these values as dearly as we do. We’re extremely proud to be their travel partner as they take-off on one of the most challenging voyages on earth.

James Whittle & Tom Caulfield are two regular Londoners who make up The Tempest Two, an inexperienced rowing pair who are set to cross the tumultuous expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Their challenge is regarded as one of the hardest on Earth. 3000 miles, 1500 hours of rowing and no respite from the physical excursion and unpredictability of Mother Nature. This 60 day, unaided row from the Canary Islands to Barbados will push the pair to their mental and psychical limits, and for the next 2 months we will be following them on their journey, offering updates on their progress and weekly blog posts documenting their time at sea, which begins on December 13th.

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