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A closer look at Sri Lanka

At Black Tomato, we have always been fascinated by not only where people travel, but why they travel too. The inspiration to explore can come from the smallest of muses, whether that’s literature, art or simply a story from the road. We believe that all of these muses, big and small, combine to create an Inner Compass, the inner navigation that leads us all to our next destination.

This spring, we’ve teamed up with Anthropologie, the one-of-a-kind curators of clothing, accessories, gifts and home décor to bring you the latest bearing of our compass; Sri Lanka. From the furrowing expanse of the inland tea country to the pristine shores that fringe its cultural offerings, Sri Lanka is on our travel hit-list this year and we’ve been exploring what it is that makes this Indian Ocean island so alluring – the landscapes, the styles and the rich culture. Join us and discover where your Inner Compass is pointing…

Get Inspired

When you're planning a trip, where does your inspiration come from? Do you search online? Between the pages of a novel? Or are the styles and colors of a certain country enough to ignite the inspiration that guides you? For us, there’s no end to the fuel that powers our compass, and lately we've been fascinated by what it is that makes some of our favorite female globe-trotters embark on their adventures. That's why we sat down with a few of our favorite inspirational travelers to explore what it is that keeps them on the road.

An Interview with Serena Guen

Abbi Kemp

An Interview with Abbi Kemp

Where does your Inner Compass point?

From the books we read to the people we meet, there’s no limit to the muses that inspire our Inner Compass. And we always love to hear how our other favorite tastemakers from the worlds of travel and fashion plan, prep and live-out their travel dreams. So we’ve been quizzing some more of our favorite inspirational female figures on what inspires the direction of their Inner Compass.

Lucy Williams

AKA Fashion Me Now, Lucy is a fashion editor and trend forecaster whose online blog chronicles the best in style and travel. From road-tripping in Rajasthan to relaxing at Zighy Bay, we caught up with Lucy about what keeps her on the road.

Alice Tate

AKA Flash Anthology, Alice is a freelance travel writer and blogger by day and PR & Communications Manager at The Hoxton, also by day. Her blog promises to provide your fill of all things fitness, food and travel.

Hannah Silverton

From a desk at the Black Tomato office (she was once one of us) to the chic city of Sydney, Hannah's portfolio is awash with industry expertise and stunning visuals - we should have never let her get away.

Dolly Alderton

Sunday Times columnist and fellow Desert Island Disc fanatic, Dolly pens witty prose for a collection of Britain's finest magazines and has a big passion for travel. Her stories never fail to make us laugh.

Follow Your Inner Compass

If the answers from our travel and fashion influencers aren’t enough to inspire the direction of your Inner Compass, we’ve created a little quiz to help you determine where your compass might be pointing…

Inner Compass Quiz


Take the trip

Can’t wait to find out if you've won? Here’s a little insight into exactly what the prize entails to help you get excited – we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you.

Follow your Inner Compass to Sri Lanka

Follow Your Inner Compass to Sri Lanka

Why We Love Sri Lanka

Shop the Inner Compass Look

Shop the look with Anthropologie

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