A closer look at Sri Lanka

At Black Tomato, we have always been fascinated by not only where people travel, but why they travel too. The inspiration to explore can come from the smallest of muses, whether that’s literature, art or simply a story from the road. We believe that all of these muses, big and small, combine to create an Inner Compass, the inner navigation that leads us all to our next destination.

This spring, we’ve teamed up with Anthropologie, the one-of-a-kind curators of clothing, accessories, gifts and home décor to bring you the latest bearing of our compass; Sri Lanka. From the furrowing expanse of the inland tea country to the pristine shores that fringe its cultural offerings, Sri Lanka is on our travel hit-list this year and we’ve been exploring what it is that makes this Indian Ocean island so alluring – the landscapes, the styles and the rich culture. Join us and discover where your Inner Compass is pointing…

Follow Your Inner Compass

If the answers from our travel and fashion influencers aren’t enough to inspire the direction of your Inner Compass, we’ve created a little quiz to help you determine where your compass might be pointing…

Inner Compass Quiz


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