Australia is a country that, for us, epitomises that ‘vacation feeling’, and when we think of its exotic shores, we think of tanned skin and sandy feet, fresh seafood and exotic wildlife, a diversity of experience and undeniable luxury…

If you haven’t already noticed, it’s a country we’ve got something of an obsession with, and it’s this obsession that’s led us to launch Australia: The Tasting Menu. Here you’ll find brand new itineraries and a series of beautiful tasting menus to take you through the wealth of experience in Australia, as well as in-depth editorial features and wanderlust-inducing imagery.

Together, it’s all you need to dream of sunnier climes, and hopefully enough inspiration to book a trip that’ll stay with you forever. Go on, make 2017 a year to remember…

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100% refunds & flexible booking

When planning your trip, we always look to secure the most flexible terms available. Wherever possible, this will include 100% refunds and fee-free postponements should any Covid complications arise between booking and travel.

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