Villa Beluno, Bariloche

Down a winding alpine road, perched on a precipice overlooking the iridescent waters of Nahuel Huapi Lake, you’ll find Villa Beluno. Caught somewhere between escapism and immersion, between harsh jagged peaks and soft morning light, this intimate 13-suite hotel has perfected a delicate interplay of the senses. There is a lightness of touch to the all-encompassing luxury here – and as you gaze in wonder over the landscapes of Bariloche from your private balcony, you’ll realize you’re exactly where you need to be.


From Bariloche airport, spend an hour winding your way along the panoramic banks of Nahuel Huapi to discover Villa Beluno. Shrouded in Andean forest, you’ll catch the first glimpse as you rise up over a hill onto the San Pedro Peninsula. Here, a palatial European inspired villa spills out before you, running all the way down to the lakeshore. Days at Villa Beluno are best spent outdoors, exploring the bountiful nature that surrounds you. Whether that’s out mountain biking, hiking – or merely skimming stones across the lake surface – is up to you.

Your Room

Making the most of their lake views, each of the suites at Villa Beluno is flooded with light and opens up onto a private balcony. The sight of the shores and gardens outdoors is amplified by warm earthy tones indoors, through the use of local lenga wood and statement stone walls. This, though, is simultaneously softened by sheepskin carpets, the flicker of a wood burner and the promise of relaxation in deep soaking tubs. The result is both timelessly elegant – but also cozy and inviting.

Why we like it

The cuisine at Villa Beluno is standout. There’s no question about it. But there’s so much more to it than just taste. Drawing influence from Italian and French cuisine, the team here have fused generations-old family recipes with contemporary interpretations to create something quite special. The produce is undeniably local too, with ingredients grown in the property’s own hydroponic greenhouse, ensuring that these international flavors are delivered with minimal environmental impact.