Bhutan: Click the thunder dragon

There’s no better way to flaunt your travels than with jaw-dropping photographs and endless stories to go with them. On this experience, see Bhutan in a different light as you go behind the scenes. Your guide will take you to spots off the beaten path to set you up with the perfect composition, so all you need to do is point and shoot. Don’t know your aptitude from your exposure? Panic not. Your guide, a professional photographer, will show you the ropes, making sure you get that national geographic-worthy shot.

Monks and mountain peaks

Your photography opportunity will begin before you even land. Descending into Bhutan’s only airport, you’ll soar past the snowy peaks of the Himalayas glistening under the morning sun. Sure beats the usual landing path if you ask us. Arriving into Paro relax straight into the beautiful Uma Paro before being be whisked through Bhutan’s bustling capital, Thimphu. From traffic light-less streets to chanting wise-old monks, you’ll be spoiled for choice on what to snap.

Stop by the Dechen Phodrang, a monastic school, to see a day in the life of a young monk in training. Your photographer guide will sneak you inside so that you can capture them as they work, study and play in the beautiful settings of traditional Bhutanese architecture, detailed exteriors and prayer wheels. Next, head east to the tropical valleys of Punakha, winding through alpine forests and cascading waterfalls. Stretch your legs at Dochula pass to catch a clear view of the Himalayas and the legendary 108 stupas that underline the crisp blue sky. But rather than point and shoot, your guide will make sure you have the most unique angle from a secret spot, making it just in time in Punakha for that sunset shot.

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Village living

From Punakha, carry on your journey towards Tang Valley in Bumthang, making stops at numerous villages along the way. Visiting these villages you’ll have the amazing opportunity to get an insight into life in Bhutan. Each village is bursting with photographic opportunities: from men ploughing fields to women weaving yak wool blankets. Children will run after you eager to meet you and always happy to strike a pose for a photo. Your guide will be more than happy to pause and help you capture these unique moments.

Arriving in Tang, you’ll have to continue the rest of your journey by foot to the O’Chholing Guest House, a place which has seen very few visitors due to its remote location. Visiting the tiniest and most remote villages around, armed with your guide, you’ll get to know the locals, their families and be part of their bubble. Arriving as strangers, you’ll be sure to leave as friends, with photos and memories to last a lifetime.

Cranes, archery and prayer flags

Every journey in Bhutan must end where it began, in Paro. Returning west, pass through Phobijikha where Bhutan’s most treasured bird, the endangered black necked crane, soars through the flat plains and feeds on dwarf bamboo shoots. Join children as they commute by foot for hours to reach the nearest school in Punakha.

Watch a game of archery, capturing the Bhutanese passion for the sport and perhaps have a go yourself in Paro. And finally, no trip to Bhutan would be complete without capturing the fluttering prayer flags. Drive through the Chelela Pass where these flags blanket the hill in white, yellow, red and blue. A truly remarkable sight and one of the best to end your Bhutanese photo adventure.

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