The Brazilian Amazon: Jungle Survival to Stylish Sailing




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So you’ve always wanted to journey to the Amazon, but never wanted to compromise on the more luxurious side of life? Trust us when we say this adventure was crafted with you in mind. In the Brazilian Amazon gateway city of Manaus, you’ll be introduced to the local culture for a night, before bedding down in the heart of the jungle in style and chartering a private yacht to sail down the mighty river and one of its tributaries. Our experts have pulled out all the stops to make sure you’ve got everything you need for the perfect Amazon experience, starting off with a spot of jungle survival training before sending you off to trek through the rainforest, commune with rare Amazonian pink dolphins and canoe into hidden corners. Finish off with a sundowner on remote beaches that look more at home in the Caribbean than on the Amazon and rest assured this is the Amazon escapade of a lifetime.


Your journey begins in Manaus, the biggest city in the Amazon jungle. The city is the ideal starting point for diving headfirst into the rainforest, with a private guide on hand to take you through the local markets, up to famous landmarks and onto a truly magnificent palace. Before you head into the Amazon itself though, we thought it would be handy to teach you some handy tips and tricks on jungle survival from some real pros.

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After breakfast the next morning, hop aboard a private speedboat and venture into a secluded part of the rainforest. Here, veterans of the Brazilian Army Jungle Battalion await you to put you through your paces. Tree climbing, fire making, trap building – nothing will phase you by the end of the day. Round off the morning putting it all into practice as you tuck into a fire-roasted meal in the forest, served traditionally on banana leaves. Swiss Army kinfe pocketed, we think you’re ready for the next stage.


Now that you’re prepared for your stint in the heart of the Amazon, it’s time to board your private water-plane heading towards the village of Novo Airão, where aerial views of the twisting Amazon river will leave you speechless. Upon landing and unloading, your jungle oasis Anavilhanas Lodge awaits your arrival. Here you’ll be welcomed to your bungalow, complete with private terrace and sun-drenched swimming pool. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon exploring the property and lounging on your balcony hammocks before being dazzled by the night’s bright stars and jungle noises. Hit snooze early to gear up for the thrills of the following day.

The next day is all about marvelling and meandering through the wonders of the Amazon. First, visit a floating deck where the iconic Amazon pink dolphins will swim by to say hello. After this rare experience, your personal guide will take you through the arts and crafts district of Novo Airão, where artisans have made astounding creations with just wood, straw, and seed. Experienced locals will then take you on a guided walk through remote areas of the rainforest in an experience unlike any other. Amid all this natural beauty and ancient culture, it’s here that you will feel completely immersed in your surroundings – learning about the wildlife, medicinal practices and outlying villages.


After an early boat journey to watch the sun rise up over the Amazon and its maze of river-fronted rainforest, it’s time to wave goodbye to Anavilhanas Lodge and swap jungle for river as you fly up to Santarém, where the Amazon River meets the Tapajós tributary. Still Riverkably untouched, Tapajós is known for its sandy beaches and crystalline waters; it’s the Caribbean of the Amazon. So it only seems fitting that for this leg of the journey, we charter you a luxury yacht to sail through it all in the utmost style. Prepare yourself for sequestered beach dinners, extreme pampering, and afternoons in truly remote parts of the rainforest.

Your first day onboard will see you venture deep into the Tapajós National Forest. A four-hour guided trek will land you on secluded white-sand beaches where a host of watersports are on hand to tempt you in. Paddleboard the shallow waters or kayak around in search of more dolphin sightings before returning to the yacht for a delicious meal and freshly-made caipirinhas on Ponta Garde beach.

Set sail the next morning and savor a leisurely day drifting along the Canal do Jari, a place few people are able to visit on their travels to the Amazon. Soak up the sun from your yacht while peering at riverside communities and the abundant and diverse wildlife along the way. The experts onboard the yacht will make sure a not a parakeet, monkey or jungle cat goes unnoticed. Disembark for a spot of sightseeing and touring a local village, before enjoying one final Amazonian dinner back onboard as the sun dips behind the horizon in the background. Reflecting on the trip of a lifetime in this part of the Brazilian Amazon, head home the next day, stopping off at Tapari lake, a beautiful location to wave farewell to the exquisite jungle and all the adventures it held for you.


Where to rest your head

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

Buried deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazonian Rainforest, one of the world’s greatest exotic wildernesses, you'll find Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge. Barely laying a…
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