Jaguars, Whales and Colonial Splendour in Southern Brazil

Home to a truly unique combination of poignant cultural sites and fascinating wildlife, Brazil scratches the adventurous itch that tickles us all from time to time. Fusing the finest facets of this resplendent culture/wildlife combination, this South American sojourn gives you 13 nights to tick off some of Brazil’s most iconic destinations, as well as a few lesser-known gems that we’ve thrown in for good measure. If you’re looking for the perfect insight into the fabric of South America’s largest and most lovable country, this is the trip for you.


Starting in the enchanting capital, you’ll touch down on the shores of Rio before being privately whisked to the charming 1950s vibe of the Fasano Hotel. Situated in the pulsating heart of Ipanema beach, this antiquated pearl places you in the perfect position to make Rio your playground for the next few days.

Rising early and tearing yourself away from the king-size bed of your deluxe, ocean front room, your first day in Rio will pivot around a privately guided tour of the iconic city. Packed full day of adventure, your tour will take you from the biblical heights of Corcovado to the depths of Rio’s bustling markets before ending with a private cooking class with a local chef back at the hotel. Slightly more relaxed than the latter, your second day in the city will be replete with relaxation, giving you plenty of time to explore the area at your own pace. Dive into the chic beach culture of Copacabana, indulge in some retail therapy at the boutique stores of  Santa Teresa or utilise the Fasano’s private stretch of Ipanema beach, where the bustle and crowds seem a world away. For the perfect end to your stay in the city, take a swift cable car journey to the peak of Sugar Loaf Mountain, where the legendary sunset makes for the perfect photo-op to wrap up your time in Rio.

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Leaving the hum of the city behind, on your final morning in Rio you’ll be privately transferred back to the airport before lifting-off to the colonial epicenter of Ouro Preto. Bound by a gold-rush history and a myriad of awe-inspiring churches that are intertwined throughout the rough cobbled streets, Ouro Preto is the jewel in Brazil’s cultural crown. Upon arrival, you’ll be whisked to the antiquated grandeur of Hotel Solar Do Rosario, where you’ll settle down for two nights as you explore the colonial center and religious prowess of this unforgettable town.

After your two nights in Ouro Preto, you’ll be privately transferred on to Tiradentes, where you’ll spend one night amongst the picturesque landscapes and architectural mastery of this achingly beautiful town. During your stay, you’ll be bedding down at the charming country house of Solar Da Ponte, a unique residency that’s awash with discreet elegance and exemplary service whilst offering the perfect location to explore the town.


Bathed in a new cultural glow after your dip into Brazil’s rich colonial heritage, it’s time to leave the historic streets behind and get your fill of the wondrous wildlife that’s on offer further inland. The Amazon may dominate the headlines, but in our eyes, it’s the Pantanal that really deserves to be on the front page, and with that in mind, the next four days are all about exploring the endemic species and ethereal atmosphere of the world’s largest wetlands. More accessible than the Amazon due to its wide-open marshlands, the prevailing wildlife of the Pantanal never fails to inspire our inner Attenborough. During your three-night adventure into the wild heart of this ecologically stunning area, you’ll embark on a series of water safaris that permeate the interior of the wetlands, offering the opportunity to spot some of South America’s most fascinating wildlife, including jaguars, peccaries, bobcats, wild boars and a seemingly endless spectrum of bird life.


Still reeling in the wake of your wildlife spotting adventures, on your final morning you’ll be woken by the sounds of the rainforest for the last time before being transferred back through to Cuiaba airport in time for your flight to the coastal climes of Florianopolis. Feeling the intrepid aura of the jungle wash off instantly, upon arrival you’ll be whisked off to Ponta dos Ganchos Resort, a secluded coastal hideaway that concludes your Brazilian escape with the utmost tranquillity. Your three-night stay on this private peninsula leaves your time completely in your own hands; bask in the sunshine of Brazil’s emerald coastline, dive headfirst into the array of watersports on offer or simply recline in your charming bungalow and reflect on your Brazilian trip of a lifetime. But if the Pantanal has left you with an unquenchable thirst for wildlife spotting, don’t worry. Donning your binoculars and setting sail in the hazy morning heat, we will whisk you off on a series of eye-widening whale-watching trips amongst the pristine waters that lay just offshore. Escaping the impending winter and heading north to warmer climes, majestic Arctic right whales can be spotted amongst the coves of Garobapa between the tail-end of July through to mid-September, offering a truly unforgettable way to end your discovery of Brazil.

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