Pacuare Lodge

If true immersion into the tropical Central American rainforest is what you’re after, Pacuare Lodge has it covered. A boutique hotel sat on a bend in the Pacuare River, your adventure starts before you have even made it to your accommodations – reachable only by raft or man-powered cable car, prepare to feel well and truly refreshed after your flight. The lodge offers truly unique, enriching and – if you so comply – exhilarating experiences, with countless activities and opportunities to meet indigenous people, explore the rainforest wildlife and get your heart pumping.


The mere mention of Pacuare Lodge being accessible only by raft or cable car illustrates the remoteness of this bespoke eco-lodge. Surrounded on all sides by tropical rainforest and just over 110 kilometers due east of San Jose, rest assured you are off the tourist trail and in for a real treat. The Pacuare River is a world famous white water rafting spot, so once you’ve settled we would definitely recommend taking advantage of these foaming rapids.

Your room

Pacuare Lodge provides superb accommodations – even the standard suites make you feel like an honorary guest – whilst also ensuring guests are enveloped by their surroundings. The suites have private decks (treat yourself to one with a plunge pool overlooking the jungle canopy), and all come with outdoor, solar-heated showers and the soothing sounds of the river which will send you into a deep slumber come day’s end.

Why we like it

Pacuare Lodge’s eco-lodge status and remote location allows guests to really switch off – don’t expect to be able to check your emails while you’re away. Numerous activities are available to fill the daylight hours: horseback trails, canopy walks, zip line tours, white water rafting…we could go on. By night, Pacuare Lodge is lit by candlelight, creating a magical atmosphere. Needless to say, this hotel will leave you with high expectations of your future adventures.

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