Journey to the Center of the Earth in Iceland

Deep volcanoes, glittering ice tunnels and a dramatic black coastline—it’s no wonder that Iceland’s brooding landscapes have inspired many a writer and film-maker.  This itinerary will take you galloping across black beaches, conquering glaciers and deep into the Earth on a voyage worthy of a Jules Vern novel. First up, into the volcano…

Setting the scene

Visit from April and your first day will set the bar for the rest of your trip, as you’ll be starting with delving into the subway chambers of Thrihnukagigur volcano. Make your own journey to the center of the earth as descend into the unique magma chamber– a rare chance to see the very heart of inside a volcano. Spend the rest of the day swapping explorer tales over a cocktail as you sample some of Reykjavik’s top bars and restaurants.

Helicopters and horses

Next hop onto a helicopter from Reykjavik to Glymur waterfall. Appreciate the views as you soar above these mythical landscapes, before reaching the roar of the falls. From here, you’ll follow the water to its source at Langjokull Glacier for an adventure along picturesque ice-tunnels, all the while learning about global warming and the vital relationship between humans and nature. Back out in the open, settle down for a lunch on the glacier itself – surely one of the world’s most impressive picnic spots. In your own time, climb back into your helicopter for another spectacular flight, this time onto the magical Snæfellsnes peninsula where you’ll meet your next mode of transport – Icelandic horses.

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Saddle up and begin a journey across wide-open stretches of light-colored sand at Löngufjörur beach on a horseback, where only the tide sets a limit to the freedom of horse and man. As you ride past the Atlantic waves, you’ll wonder at the contrasts you’ve witnessed in a matter of hours. After your thrilling ride, we’ll transport you to your private luxury accommodations for a hot tub session under the stars. Day two, complete.

Great explorers and lava caves

The adventure refuses to slow down on day three, where you’ll start with a scenic drive to one of Iceland’s most renowned sites – Snaefellsjokull glacier. Said to be one of the great energy centers of the earth, this incredible glacier is rumoured to have mysterious powers and was the setting for Jules Vern’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth no less. You’ll get to channel your own inner Vern as you’re confronted by different textures and colors, and epic landscapes views, all of which you can appreciate as you dine al fresco, feeling like true explorers. If your thirst for subway adventure isn’t quenched yet, then stop by the lava cave of Vatnshellir to follow the lava flow 35m into the earth. Yet another magical day over, it’s back in the hot tub tonight to relax and refresh in time for your penultimate day.

Coastal wilds

Itching for some time above ground? Today you’ll traverse the stunning coast of the peninsula. Enjoy a walk along the dramatic lava-carved cliffs of Arnarstapi, keeping an eye out for the native Arctic terns. Or for an adrenaline hit, try a RIB safari on the waves. A fresh sea breeze and the wind whipping in your hair will refresh you, while the whales, white-beaked dolphins and harbor porpoises that call these waters home will provide the entertainment.

Final expeditions

Your final day will proffer the perfect end to your explorations. Hop aboard your helicopter and fly above the landscapes you’ve been discovering by air, by tunnel, by boat, horse or on foot, as you make your way back to Reykjavik for some urban R&R. You’ll return home with tales of adventure guaranteed to match that of any writer or filmmakers’ dreams.

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