Hotel Azul, Oaxaca

If you’re looking for a super-cool pad in Mexico’s cultural capital than the Hotel Azul in Oaxaca ticks all the boxes. This exclusive art concept hotel has enough design credentials to satisfy the cravings of any cultural aficionado.


Mixing ancient tradition with a thriving contemporary art scene—Oaxaca is the place to be if your idea of a great vacation is visiting galleries and soaking up the culture. Just over five miles from the Oaxaca International Airport, Hotel Azul in downtown Oaxaca is in prime position to allow you to drink in all the sights, sounds and smells of this fascinating city.

Your room

Each of the 21 ultra-chic guest rooms has been designed by some of the hottest artists in Mexico today and embody their own signature styles. Choose from colorful, geometric patterns of the Suite Villalobos, the playful Suite Leyva with its wooden rocking horse, or our favorite, the sultry Toledo suite bedecked in the artist’s sculptural offerings.

Why we like it

Chic, hip, cool—how could we not fall for its design-led charm? The Hotel Azul has us wishing we’d got that PHD in contemporary art just to enjoy the interiors even more. But we can also read up on a few things in the hotel’s library which contains books from the Institute of Graphic Arts. Or if reading isn’t your thing then the intimate screening gallery has a great collection of Mexican movies to get you in the Oaxaca state of mind. Don’t forget to mull things over with a mescal cocktail on the hotel’s rooftop bar—the perfect spot to let your creative mind wander.