Mexico’s Cultural Cosmos

We all know that Mexico is blessed with stunning natural beauty, but there is much more to this sun-drenched country than meets the eye. Behind the beachside cabanas and jungle ruins lies an extraordinary cultural cosmos waiting to be explored. From the modern gastro-jungle of Mexico City to boho-chic in San Cristobal and the art galleries of Oaxaca – this is Mexico like you’ve never seen it before.

Sensory overload

Kick-starting your cultural journey is Mexico City. A fascinating mix of old and new where colonial palaces lie next to boutique hotels and slick city skyscrapers. As soon as your plane lands you’ll be whisked to your designer hotel in the heart of the fashionable Polanco district. With the hottest art galleries, restaurants and clubs on your doorstep, here you can mingle with the city’s social elite.

If you’re in the mood for some history then you’ve come to the right place – Mexico City provides the perfect base to explore some of the country’s most treasured and celebrated sites worthy of their “World Heritage” status (in fact it’s a term you’ll hear a lot during this trip). Spend the morning scaling the ancient pyramids of Teotihuacan before touring the ancient Aztec wonders of the city itself. Your expert guide will be on hand to unravel mysteries and give an insight into the world of this lost civilisation.

All that exploring is sure to work up an appetite, but luckily you are in the home of some of the world’s best street food. Your next day will be taken up tasting your way around the city. Enjoy freshly squeezed juices as you wonder along pavements lined with stalls, picking up a spicy burrito or sugary churro along the way. Street chefs here take their tacos very seriously so make sure to taste some of their specialty tacos al pastor—a trip to Mexico City is not complete without one.

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Mythical Maya

After savoring the delights of the city, your next stop is the lush valleys of Chiapas. Hot-foot from your plane onto your motorboat transfer through the Sumidero Canyon to San Cristóbal, marvelling at the soaring rock walls as you whiz past. This small market town is a colonial haven of white stucco walls, red-tiled roofs and cobbled alleyways just begging to be explored. Spend time soaking up the bohemian vibe or head to the highlands to visit the indigenous Tzotzil communities for a unique insight into the lives of the Maya people.

Fancy something a little more adventurous? After a quick pit stop to cool off at the magnificent waterfall of Misol-Ha (another World Heritage site), we’ll be taking you deeper into the Chiapas rainforests for your private tour of ancient Palenque. Beneath towering Ceiba trees and wrapped in tropical forest, your expert guide will reveal mythic tales and archaeological wonders, giving you a glimpse of a lost era in this hallowed Mayan city.

Gourmet thrills and historical spills

From the ancient Mayan world to the Spanish New World—leaving the jungle behind, you’ll get to tick of yet another “World Heritage” site in Campeche. Stroll through the checkerboard streets taking in the Baroque architecture and historic sites of this charming colonial harbor town, before ending your trip in the uber-chic cultural mecca of Oaxaca.

With the boutique Hotel Azul as your base, you’ll have the cream of modern Mexican art and cuisine at your fingertips. Boasting over 1,000 historic monuments, including the fascinating home of Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés, you’ll be spoilt for choice for things to see in this magical city. Stroll along the ridges of the ceremonial ruins of Monte Albán before hitting the art galleries for a heady dose of contemporary design.

For the ultimate culture fix, enjoy a culinary adventure with an exclusive chef-led tour of the local markets. Sample the fresh local fruits and vegetables before cooking up a storm in the chef’s kitchen, sipping artisanal mescals as you go. A delicious ending to a unique and spellbinding journey.

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