Down Time In Mexico

What are your first thoughts about Mexico? Do temples and ancient civilisations come to mind? Is it all beaches and palm trees? Or does your mind swing towards the slightly more stereotypical image of plentiful tequila and an abundance of cacti? The truth is, Mexico has all this to offer and more. If blazing suns, serene spas and achingly beautiful beaches are more your kind of thing, then look no further than this luxury fortnight of relaxation in Mexico.

On your first day you’ll arrive in Cancun, but you won’t stay long. We’ll transfer you straight over to the beach oasis that is the uber-luxe Be Tulum boutique hotel. Here, you’ll be just steps away from the ocean. Spend your day on the beach working on your tan, then head to the bar for some refreshing evening cocktails. Over the next few days, head to some of the area’s cultural highlights or be the beach-bunny for as long as you’d like. If it’s ancient ruins you’re interested in (and trust us, the ancient ruins are spectacular in Mexico) then take a day out to embark on a private tour of the Tulum and Sian Kaán monuments. The first is considered to be one of the most beautiful Mayan sites, even if it does lack in size. The cliff-side location was in use as a major port 800 years ago before its’ abandonment in the 16th century. The second is a sublime area of natural beauty, home to thousands of species of flora and fauna. All of this and just a couple of days into your vacation? Click below if you’re tempted to find out what else awaits in blazing Mexico…

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Time for beaches, time for ruins

Take a couple of days off, laze around on the beach. Then surprise yourself with an early start, as your own private guide takes you to the Mayan ruins of Chichén-Itzá. This series of pyramids and hand-built structures is the most famous on the Yucatán peninsula and over 1500 years old. Despite being a popular tourist destination, your guide will whisk you around and avoid the masses for a personal tour. Head to the main attraction, the famous El Castillo del Serpiente Emplumado, the Castle of the Plumed Serpent and learn more about the nearby Cenote Sagrado, a gaping sink hole used for human sacrifice. Don’t let the grisly history distract you from the beauty of the monuments however, as the area is stunning. Once your day-long tour is over, we’ll take you west, to the tip of Yucatán and the city of Merida.

Urban exploration in Merida

Spend the night in your urban retreat, the colorful La Hacienda, before you’re up the next day for a quick, half-day historical tour of the colonial city. On this brief but vibrant trip you’ll be treated to sights including the main zocalo, the museum of Canton Palace and the Monumento a la Patria; the Monument to the Fatherland. Once this quick dip into Mexico’s vibrant history is over, feel free to traverse the city at your leisure. You’ll spend the next few days lazily exploring the area, dining and checking out the remainder of the city’s heritage sites. Make the most of the city-bustle, because for the remainder of your trip, it’s just beaches and relaxation.

Hazy days at the Maroma

Before you head to the Maroma Resort, you’ll stop off in the ‘Yellow City’, Izamal. In the morning, get acquainted with the brightly colored buildings that give the city it’s namesake. This is your last cultural experience in Mexico, as you spend your remaining days in the country at the Maroma Resort, relaxing in the sun before you journey back home. The hotel itself is poised between jungle and beach, an outstanding location with a sparkling coral reef just off-shore, packed with exotic fish, and storeping in Cancun just around the corner. It’s five nights of sun, sea and palm-studded beaches to round off your vacation before you head home considerably more tanned, and with a much better appreciation of Mexican food and drink than before.

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