Mexico: The Ultimate Family Marine Adventure




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10 nights ideal length

To renowned marine explorer and conservationist, Jacques Cousteau, “the sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”. And that’s precisely where this trip comes in. Inspired by the mesmerising beauty of this underwater world, we’ve curated an unforgettable family adventure on which you’ll explore the wonders of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula and “the world’s aquarium” – or the Sea of Cortez, as it’s otherwise known. Designed for budding marine biologists wishing to delve deep into all things under-the-sea, here you’ll uncover the world of marine conservation and discover a dazzling array of sea life. Home to glittering ocean, sun-soaked sands, and one of the world’s richest ecosystems, we’ll take you snorkelling through local coral gardens, swimming with majestic whale sharks, and exploring a blue planet all to yourselves. Let’s dive straight in.


Touching down in Los Cabos, you’ll head north through the cacti-dotted desert to Baja Sur’s capital, La Paz. Here, you’ll check in at the charming Baja Club Hotel – a beautifully restored 20th-century villa featuring a spa, rooftop bar, and dazzling views of the Sea of Cortez. The perfect base from which to explore the area’s wealth of natural wonders, you’ll spend the next few days choosing between epic underwater adventures and blissful beachside relaxation. Or both.

On your first morning, you’ll set out across vibrant blue waters for a glimpse of the work that goes into protecting this marine world. Equal parts vital and fascinating, we’ll take you beneath the surface, behind the scenes. Joining a local coral reef restoration project, you’ll help build and clean racks for corals before grabbing your snorkel and weaving your way through the colorful coral gardens below. With your private naturalist guide, you’ll gain an exciting, hands-on insight into the world of marine conservation.


Another day, another adventure. And another species. Swapping intricate coral formations for gentle giants, you’ll once more head out to sea, this time in search of whale sharks. Your guide – a whale shark researcher – will show you how to identify age, gender and other characteristics before you plunge deep into this underwater wonderland for an experience like no other. Reaching up to 20 meters in length, as you swim alongside these majestic creatures, you’ll feel as if you’ve entered a lost world.

After a morning spent in the company of these gentle whale sharks, we’d recommend continuing with your guide for another snorkelling adventure at Espiritu Santo Island. Arriving at this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’ll sail past striking volcanic cliffs and deserted white shores, before lunch in the sunshine, a gourmet picnic on a secluded beach. Now, it’s time to meet the locals. Dive into glistening waters brimming with a kaleidoscope of tropical fish as you snorkel with the playful sea lions who call this island home.

Having dipped and dived to your heart’s content, you’ll return to La Paz to soak up the sunset. We’d recommend heading up to the rooftop bar for drinks before dining on tantalising dishes inspired by Greek cuisine and made with the freshest local ingredients. Don’t mind if you do.


On your fourth day, you’ll hop aboard a luxurious Turkish Schooner for your next sailing adventure. During your next three days at sea, you can choose from an extensive selection of nautical activities. Kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkelling. And island hopping. Immersed in the beauty of the sea and nature, each evening plan what you’d like to do the next day with your private naturalist guide. Cruising your way from La Partida to San Francisquito, from Ensenada Grande to Gallo Gallina Island. By daylight, you’ll explore beautifully rugged islands and sparkling clear waters. By night you’ll relax beneath the stars and dream of the new explorations that await you tomorrow.


Returning (and waving goodbye) to La Paz, we’ll take you to the palm-carpeted shores of Los Cabos. Teetering on the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula, One & Only Palmilla is blissful seclusion at its most luxurious. But it’s the endless expanse of glistening ocean beyond its walls that make this place even more spectacular. With a fair amount of certainty, we can say that it won’t be long until you hear the call of the sea once more. If you ever truly stopped hearing it at all. And we’ll gladly oblige. In a luxury yacht, sail past the famous arch and Lover’s Beach, spotting dolphins between the waves as you go. Dropping anchor in a secluded cove, you’ll have some time to swim before basking beneath the sun and enjoying a gourmet lunch onboard. In the evening, make your way back down the coast as you catch one of those famous Cabo sunsets.

Spend the next day choosing between an array of experiences – whale watching, snorkelling, hiking, ziplining. Wherever the fresh sea breeze takes you. Whether that be to the sea, the mountains, the beach, or the forests. Here, you’ll do as much (or as little) as you like.

On your final morning, we’d highly recommend a boat trip to Cabo Pulmo Marine Park: a breath-taking place bursting with sea life. Luscious mountains and sun-soaked beaches blend perfectly with shallow bays and vibrant, coral-filled waters. Diving off your private panga-style boat into tranquil, clear ocean, you’ll discover a mesmerising reef system thought to be around 20,000 years old. Join the sea turtles, manta rays, and shoals of tropical fish as you bob along the surface with your snorkel and watch as this incredible underwater world unfolds beneath you. As enthralling as when you first glimpsed it – beauty such as this remains with you, long after your trip ends. And no doubt, you’ll be back.

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