The TreeHotel, Swedish Lapland

Taking design hotels and our childhood dreams to the next level (quite literally), The TreeHotel offers accommodation beyond our wildest imaginations. Designed by some of Sweden’s top architects, the treehouses offer a unique experience that range from a natural-looking bird’s nest dangling from the trees to a treetop “Room with a View” cabin resting on a steel structure. For us the Mirror cube tops them all, coated in glass, the room is camouflaged amongst the tree to the outside world while offering stunning views for guests inside.


Located 60 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, the beautiful unspoilt landscape in the Harads forest lends itself to a variety of activities year-round. Take off into the wilderness on snowshoe walks in search of the aurora borealis, or action-packed dog-sled rides through the frozen landscape in winter. As the snow melts and nature springs to life, horse-riding and kayaking on the Lule River are some of the many ways to take advantage of nature’s giant playground.

Your room

Working in complete harmony with the environment, each designer has successfully balanced ecological values with comfort and modern design. The treehouses are all suspended 4-6 meters above ground and are accessible by ramp, bridge or electric stairs. With each room being designed by a different architect the rooms are custom decorated in minimalistic cozy decor featuring environmentally-friendly combustion restrooms and water-efficient sinks.

Why we like it

You don’t need to give us a reason to release our inner child. Climbing into bed in a UFO, giant nest or ‘invisible’ box is a totally surreal experience, but one that we wouldn’t want to miss for the world. A trip to Scandinavia wouldn’t be the same without a sauna and this hotel wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t up in a tree. So what are you waiting for, make like a tree…