Tessa Robinson

Tanzania & Zanzibar Travel Expert

Effortlessly pairing adventure with relaxation, scorched sands with the powder soft and great migrations with splendid isolation; nothing says ‘perfect combination’ quite like a luxury safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar, which offers a sumptuous spread of luxury, 5* lodges and hotels to make the most out of your well-earned down time.

Tessa Robinson

Tanzania & Zanzibar Travel Expert

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Tanzania & Zanzibar Highlights

Step into Africa for some wildlife on the high plains. With chimpanzees swinging from the trees, soda lakes filled with hopping flamingos, and lions prowling through the delta, we’re more than wild for Tanzania.


The great hulks of container ships that tread the waters off the coast of Dar es Salaam – Tanzania’s capital, and vibrant, Indian-influenced port city – give way, eventually, to the wild, sumptuous hinterlands of the Serengeti. This is a mountainous place, studded with coffee plantations and great, lazy rivers. People come to Tanzania to see where the world of humans is overtaken by the animal kingdom – by the stately hippopotamus and agile lion. Others, on their luxury vacations to Tanzania, chose the white, sun-drenched sands of Zanzibar; one of the world’s ultimate luxury honeymoon hotspots.


It would be heretical to hit up Tanzania and not to go in search of animal life. The country boasts some of the world’s best safaris … driving safaris can lead you into multiple encounters with these fractious beasts, whereas walking tours put you at their eye level. Buffaloes that glance, quickly, suddenly, from the tall grass; distant crocodiles that flop into lazy waters; or the strange nests of the hamerkop bird, decorated with old bones. Most importantly for any luxury safari vacation to Tanzania, the country is part of the route covered by the Great Migration – that once yearly, mass movement of zebra, buffalo, and gazelle. Heart-thumping, jaw-dropping. You don’t want to miss out.


Luxury vacations to Tanzania and Zanzibar are – yes – all about the animal life. But the country’s natural scenery cannot go unmentioned. The Ngorongoro conservation area, a World Heritage Site in the Crater Highlands of Tanzania, features the massive, wild, and animal-filled caldera of Ngorongoro. The name stems from the sound made by the cowbell (ngoro ngoro) used by Maasai pastoralists. The crater widens the eyes – in great, sloping waves of sharp green and blue-tinged mountains that rear in the expansive distance. A little to the north, on the Kenyan border, is the stately massif of Mount Kilimanjaro – snow-slaked, and holding up the vast East African sky.


Some 50 km off the coast of mainland Tanzania, the island cluster of the Zanzibar archipelago arouses in the mind images of spice, coral reefs, and white sand beaches. Happily, this is no mirage – for any luxury vacation to Zanzibar will land you in a paradisaical landscape of bright, serene guesthouses and flopping, shade-giving palms, dappled along the water’s edge. Their beauty belies the island’s storied past – once a land grab of Portuguese and British colonialism. Today, while turtles and lionfish paddle over the reefs, locals still talk of the spirits that slip between the shadows of the trees. It is a beautiful, breath-slowing location, but it has a history – and a sense of place – that reaches far back in time. Luckily, a popular local cocktail is the dawas – ‘magic potion.’ Put another way, there’s something restorative, something healing, during any luxury honeymoon spent in beautiful Zanzibar.


Far from a sleepy city, Tanzania’s capital – Dar es Salaam – has grown from a small Zaramo fishing village into a sprawling, thriving subwaypolis. Facing out onto the Indian Ocean it represents, understandably, a confluence of cultures and remains one of East Africa’s biggest, and busiest, ports. Despite the hustle and bustle (there is a lot of that), the city is an unmissable part of the Tanzanian experience – with a low-key, down to earth atmosphere. Take a deep breath and swallow up some of Tanzania’s tantalizing city culture, before heading out through the gateway to begin your luxury safari in Tanzania’s hinterland.

More Experiences

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park

Feel the vibration of thundering hooves during The Great Migration.

Whilst staying at some of the most luxurious lodges in the Serengeti, you’ll be perfectly positioned to take in the sweeping views and wildlife-rich plains of the National Park. Get up close with leopards in Mwiba, enjoy bush breakfasts and magical starlit dinners and follow one of the world’s greatest spectacles: The Great Migration. With our expert, Masai guides by your sides, watch on as millions of zebra, gazelles and wildebeest thunder across the savanna in a bid to reach fresh grazing grounds beyond. Whilst this natural wonder can be appreciated from a jeep from a distance, we’ll bag you exclusive access to witness the phenomenon via hot air balloon.

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Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro

Take on Africa’s tallest mountain in style.

Rising 19,341 feet out of the ground, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is a bucket list experience for many. But with usand your guide Georgo, we’ll take you on a new, pioneering route, using the Shira Plateau that steers you well off the tourist track. Winding along the north side of the mountain, the Shira Plateau delivers a different, but breathtaking viewpoint over Kenya. After crossing diverse terrains by day and sleeping under the stars by night, we’ll take you on a post-hike detour to Zanzibar.

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Mnemba Island, Tanzania

Mnemba Island

A private island hideaway in the Indian Ocean.

A short boat transfer from Zanzibar and you’ll wind up at the exclusive Mnemba Island. Say goodbye to The Big Five and boma-style dinners and hello to giant turtles and al fresco dining. Head out on guided scuba dives to swim among the fish, sail onboard traditional dhows to discover the Spice Islands and perform yoga on the shores at sunrise. It’s the perfect end to an African getaway – and after one visit you’ll understand our burning desire to return.

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Tanzania & Zanzibar Highlights

Step into Africa for some wildlife on the high plains. With chimpanzees swinging from the trees, soda lakes filled with hopping flamingos, and lions prowling through the delta, we’re more than wild for Tanzania.


Home to shining, white beaches, thronged and culturally rich port cities, and the green-blue expanse of its safari wilderness, Tanzania and Zanzibar play host to a truly vast range of luxury, boutique and 5* hotels. From wilderness lodges to beach side villas.


If you come for the animals, you need an appropriate place to stay. Across the Serengeti, you’ll find gorgeous Lamai Lodge – set into the side of a verdant Kopje (dome-shaped hill), in an otherwise remote and untouched part of this national park. Heart-pumping game viewing in the bush can be offset with relaxing evenings around the pool and campfire. Its proximity to the Mara River ensure that it is a busy thoroughfare for the animal life who lay claim to this corner of the wide world. Lamai sets the bar for the understated chic and easygoing luxury that you can expect from Tanzania’s 5* hotels and lodges.


Zanzibar, blushing with craggy, bright coral and shady palms, is synonymous with luxury comfort. After stalking the wildlife on the Serengeti, its 5* hotels offer the ideal place to settle back and relax – particularly at the end of a luxurious Black Tomato honeymoon. This ‘islands of magic’ offer up everything from luxury, palm-shaded beach side boutiques, to historic hotels set amid the colonial architecture of endlessly fascinating Stone Town. On the original spice island, Zanzibar itself, can be found the gorgeous hot spot of The Residence – set amid 32 hectares of palm tree plantation, and only yards from the sparkling sea. Spa treatments and a luxury, private pool complete the look. Lodges and retreats on this balmy island are dotted among thatched villas and dramatic, rocky beaches where fishermen take breaks among the breakwaters. The key, on Zanzibar, is to simply settle back.

  • Population Population 50,757,459
  • Capital Capital Dodoma
  • Language Language Swahili, English, Arabic
  • Currency Currency Tanzanian Shilling
  • Time Difference Time Difference GMT+3 | ET+8
  • Best time Best time

    Jan - Mar / Jun - Oct

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