Lazalu, Zion National Park

Completely off the grid and set beneath the star-strewn skies and awe-inspiring landscapes of Zion National Park, it comes as little surprise that Lazalu started life as a secluded artist’s retreat. Whilst you’re more than welcome to channel your artistic spirit and pick up a paintbrush, today, we find the best canvas to be that which lies outside your door. Spend your days exploring the bounty of the National Park before returning each evening to the bold colors and homely atmosphere of Lazalu. An intimate bolthole for just eight people, Lazalu is never short on character and will leave you with the most overwhelming feeling of contentment.


On the western edge of Zion National Park, Lazalu opens its front door onto some of the country’s most spectacular hiking. A 20-minute walk and you’ll find yourself in the heart of the park itself – without any of the usual crowds. You could easily go your entire stay at Lazalu without seeing another soul beyond the property manager, there to help you with whatever you may need. Lazalu is a retreat in the truest sense of the word. A two-hour drive from Las Vegas (or spectacular 40-minute helicopter flight), it’s an easily attainable remoteness too.

Your Room

Comprising the Zion Guest House and Adobe Suite, there’s room for just eight guests at any one time at Lazalu. With two bedrooms in the former and one in the latter, it’s possible to take a house on its own but we think Lazalu works best in its entirety. The perfect escape for a multi-generational family or group of friends. The design is eclectic, and rightly so, with art-fuelled touches creating a rustic elegance. From adobe stone walls to the enormous standalone marble bathtub and sheepwagon out in the garden, there are few places like it.

Why we like it

In the ever frenetic world we live in, Lazalu is one of the few places where you can fully disconnect. 40 minutes from the nearest town, there is not a sound to be heard nor a light to be seen. The stars here seem so close you feel as if you could reach out and touch them. The internet is but a distant memory with ‘connection’ taking an altogether different meaning. Ancient petroglyphs, pristine reservoirs that beckon on hot summer days and hikes without another soul in sight; connect, instead, with Zion.


Recognising the beauty of the environment in which it finds itself, Lazalu is an entirely green and off-grid retreat. The property relies instead on its own well and solar power system. If the lights do go out though? All the better we say for really showcasing those night skies.