Tranquility Bay Hotel

Whilst each island in the Florida Keys offers a similar taste of island life on US territory, each area has a slightly different vibe and atmosphere. Marathon – where Tranquility Bay Hotel rests – provides vacation-makers with a little more privacy and calm than some of the livelier islands.


Tranquility Bay Hotel is sequestered away in the island community of Marathon, with Marathon itself being located right in the heart of the Florida Keys island chain. Easily reached by car or plane – being just 90 miles south of Miami and 45 miles north of Key West – Tranquility bay is at the epicenter of an Island chain that begs exploration.


Tranquility Bay’s 106 rooms are grouped into three general sections; Single-level guest rooms, two bed, or three bed beach houses. All of the guestrooms are located mere minutes (if not footsteps) away from the resorts private, 2.5 acre beach. If you have ever wanted to incorporate a swim in warm ocean waters into your morning routine, each room offers you the chance to do so. In addition, with the newly added 16 tropical garden guestrooms, complete with gourmet kitchens and soothing pastel color schemes, Tranquility bay offers guests the chance to hide away amongst lush vegetation and swaying palm trees.


Tranquility Bay offers modern amenities and facilities with palatable flavors of island life. Though private and calm, the resort is large enough for you to be able to find an atmosphere that suits you. Feel like being active one day? Then the hotel can arrange offshore expeditions, snorkelling, and water sport activities for you. Similarly, if you’re just looking for some fine dining, or maybe a few drinks on the beach as the sky turns a delightful shade of pink, then the beachside Tiki bar can make that happen. Versatile, with suitably furnished rooms and a range of facilities, Tranquility Bay has got something for everyone.