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Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and disconnect, and there’s no better way to do it than solo travel. Stepping out of your comfort zone to discover new cultures and unfamiliar lands opens up a new way of thinking, a new way of living, that is a reflection of those that are encountered along the way. Far from lonely and awkward, we bring you the enlightening and the rewarding with a series of trips expertly designed with solo travelers in mind.

Solo Experiences


Uncover the mesmerising secrets of Ladakh

The Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh is one of the few places on Earth which is still virtually untouched and unexplored. Enjoy the calm serenity of fresh mountain air, incredible views and rich Buddhist heritage on a voyage of discovery through this majestic land.

Holidays in the Congo

A bespoke wildlife adventure in the jungles of the Congo

A world away from your average African safari, trek and kayak your way through Congo's Odzala-Kokua National Park to track endangered Western Lowland Gorillas and wade through the Lango bais in search of Forest Elephants and Buffalo.


An intrepid wilderness adventure in Greenland

In an adventure like no other, spend 10 days traversing Greenland's wide open landscapes by snowmobile, dog sled and snow shoe – spotting polar bear tracks as you go, before building your very own igloo to bed down in overnight.

Find peace in Northern Thailand and Laos

A cultural match-made in heaven, start off in Northern Thailand and master Thai-cookery and the skills of an elephant mahout before crossing the border into Laos to discover pristine landscapes and hidden temples.


Follow the music from New Orleans to Charleston

One of our favorite road trips, cruise through American music history with a soundtrack that's hard to beat. Taking in New Orleans, Nashville, Louisiana, Tennessee and South Carolina, you'll discover the secret to a chart-topping hit.


An intrepid hiking and biking adventure through Chile

Get off the beaten track to discover Chile's stunning natural beauty as you bike across awe-inspiring landscapes, hike through mountains and take in the immensity of Torres del Paine before bedding down in some of our favorite luxury lodges.

Tanzania luxury holidays

Migrations, Masai Tribes and Beach Perfection in Tanzania

Experience Tanzania’s charm as you soar over the Serengeti by hot air balloon, learning all about Masai tribal culture and living out your wildest castaway dreams on a private island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

monastery bhutan

Our ultimate luxurious and cultural retreat in Bhutan

Nowhere offers cultural immersion quite like Bhutan. Packed full of breathtaking views, exclusive experiences, such as undiscovered temple visits and blessings with local monks, and luxurious hideaways; it's a place to escape it all.

Australia luxury holiday

Australia's Great Outdoors

Australia is home to some of the most dramatic, inspiring landscapes in the world, allowing for some incredible opportunities for exploration. Lush rainforests, vast plains of the outback and world-famous beaches; they're all ready and waiting.


Master the art of kung fu and explore Imperial China

Discover rich culture, delicious cuisine and centuries-old history on an immersive adventure through Imperial China as you master the art of kung fu, see the Great Wall in private and stand unflinching before fearsome terracotta warriors.


A luxury cultural escape to Merida

Discover a whole new side to Mexico down on the Yucatan Peninsula as you stroll past colonial buildings in Merida, indulge in a spot of pampering at Chable Resort, get in touch with nature at Celestun and see a side of Chichen Itza that few get to see.


A trend-setting cultural trilogy in Northern Europe

Discover some of Northern Europe's hippest hot spots and unearth something unique around every cobbled street corner as you stroll through arty galleries in Berlin, dine at cutting-edge restaurants in Copenhagen and bed down in cozy hotels in Stockholm.

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