An Insider’s Guide to Luxury Snowmobile Tours in Iceland

A luxury snowmobile tour around the ice fields and glaciers of Iceland is one of the more adrenaline-pumping ways to experience this landscape of myth and miracle.

Perched high in the Northern Hemisphere, Iceland maintains ideal conditions for snowmobiling throughout the year. While winter sees the country blanketed in powdery snow, the enormous bulk of the glaciers which lay across the landscape offer year-round opportunities to hop on a snowmobile and head out into the great beyond – read our guide for more tips on the best time to visit Iceland. Our luxury travel experts source the best hotels, guides, and equipment to make sure your Iceland snowmobile adventure is always a cut above the rest.

Snowmobiling tours of Langjökull glacier

The immense majesty of Langjökull glacier makes it the perfect year-round location from which to begin your Icelandic snowmobile safari. Riding across the bright, wide width of the glacier is like nothing else on earth.

The area itself, beyond the sweep of its undeniable beauty, is dotted with fascinating ice caves, hidden trails, and a host of opportunities to partake in other adventurous activities – from heart-pumping glacier hiking to ice-climbing. So, whether you want to take it slow, exploring every hidden place within this great wall of ice, or you want to put pedal to metal and speed across its pristine length, we’ve got you covered.

Reaching the highest head of the glacier, as the sun sets softly over the mountains, is the perfect way to cap off your luxury Iceland snowmobile tour. You can even camp out and capture the Northern Lights, if heading back to base camp seems less appealing than the great outdoors.

A snowmobile tour of Iceland
Your luxury snowmobile tour of Iceland starts here

A sublime snowmobile experience in the north of Iceland

The Troll Peninsula, in the Northern reaches of Iceland’s central region, remains only a 45-minute flight away from Reykjavik. Not only is it populated with lavish hotels, but it also provides the perfect adventurer’s paradise – with ski-touring and snowmobiling being especially popular among winter travellers.

At Black Tomato, our luxury travel experts can link you up with the best guides and the best gear, letting you give life to your inner adventurer into territories rarely trodden (or, for that matter, ridden).


Whenever the time of year or the experience you’re looking for, our trips to Iceland cover everything mentioned here and much more.