California Live: Sacramento

At Black Tomato we’re often in a conundrum about finding secret spots and exposing them to the world; perhaps Sacramento is one such place. California’s capital doesn’t always make it onto the road-trip list, but that really adds to the allure of this authentic city.

Just a couple of hours to the east of San Francisco, as cities (and capitals) go, Sacramento had an altogether more sedate air to it; wide leafy streets with pretty clap-board houses, great hulking trees and even bigger buildings reaching up to the sky. We weren’t sure what to imagine, but our film crew were so taken by the new sights that we barely remembered to film as we drove through the city. And just as we were getting to grips with this new urban scenery, imagine our surprise to find ourselves in the old town – literally the old town of Sacramento, preserved in all it’s western glory.

A golden city that has remained charmingly loyal to it’s rich gold-panning history, we also discovered a vibrant modernity to Sacramento… and we hope we have managed to capture this intriguing contrast here.