California Live: Yosemite

It’s difficult to do Yosemite justice with a few images and some words – it’s one of those places you have to see to really understand just how enchanting it is. Wending our way along roads that followed a river path, before we even got to the park’s West Gate the landscape is something of a spectacle. We weren’t even in the National Park and we felt dwarfed beneath lofty rock faces stretching into the blue sky.

Trying to capture the scale of this place on camera was no mean feat, especially when time was not on our side. Our little team had just two days to try and show the enormity of the landscape via lens; scrambling up hiking paths to get a new perspective, an occasional wade down into crisp waters beneath leafy canopies, venturing off into secluded orchards and woodland to spot bears and other wildlife, before chasing sunsets across the parkland. It was a challenge, but we loved it.

Yosemite is an adventurists dreamland, and here is our video to give you a taster of the world within its gates. See it, be inspired by it, and experience it for yourself.